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The Special Snowflake Diet...I'll make MILLIONS!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

First off, thanks so much for the comments on my previous blog. I don't know why I've been on a food documentary/weight-loss reality show kick lately, but I've seen plenty enough to feel rather ranty about them. Maybe I'm just grumpy and this is a way for me to vent, ha.

A lot of people stressed the difference in individuals and their nutritional needs. I think this is very true. Our bodies, our genetics, our family history of health are not exactly the same. It's like education. You can't walk into a classroom full of kids and teach them all the same way and expect them all to learn the exact same amount and at the same pace? No! Some students need visual learning, some audial, some hands-on, and some a combination of the three. They can all learn, they just may not learn the same way. Same thing with our health. We can all lose weight, we can all be healthy, but some of us have to take a different approach than others. What I recommend as an "expert" (*snort*) is that you look and find the lifestyle that works best for you mentally and physically. It may take some trial and error, but do not throw your hands up and say it's impossible! Just keep seeing how your body reacts, look at your blood pressure/blood sugar numbers, your mood, and just readjust if something doesn't feel right.

The Special Snowflake diet. I think I'll write a book and make millions!


Other randomness:

So as much as I disapprove of how the Biggest Loser works, I have *gasp* been watching the show on Some of it is that I don't want to criticize a show that I've never really sat down and watched. A lot of it is the whole documentary/reality show mood I'm in right now.

In short: the throwing up on camera is disgusting, the extreme numbers make me wonder if these people are really being monitored in terms of their diet (are they crash dieting or putting themselves at risk to get those crazy numbers?), and the reality-show drrrrrama schtick is old. BUT...I do like that the trainers seem a little less grating and abusive (as in, Jillian), I like seeing the people who leave the show continue to lose weight, and I do like the incorporation of kids this season.

I like Dani because she used to be an athlete in high school and her starting weight was close to mine...kind of kindred spirits if you will. And the FUNNIEST thing? I watched the first episode and almost did a spit take when I saw that one of the contestants looks almost exactly like one of my ex-boyfriends. Terrified the crap out of me until I saw the name was different. And there are, um, other reasons why it's not him either. Needless to say, every time they show him, it really throws me off. The ex is from my brief period of online dating in late 2011, which is a humorous set of stories for another day.


I managed to get in 12 miles in about 50 minutes on the bike Monday night. My previous best was 9 miles in 40. I've been averaging about 1-2 days a week on the bike, mostly 30 minute increments, since the week of Jan. 7th. My goal is to get to 15 miles by the end of this month, and I'm up to 2-3 days a week now. I have to get to 15 so I can start adding in some lap swimming the first week of March. I want to get past 15 miles in an hour so when I actually transition to outdoors, it won't have as huge of an impact on me. 15 miles is the biking leg of the triathlon I'm working towards.

I'm trying hard not to be insecure at the gym. There are a lot of teenagers in there goofing off and guys that look like they just want to smooch their biceps in front of the mirror all day. I am still on weight machines about two times a week but I am getting stronger I also do ab work and lower body exercises at home two times a week. Don't feel much like doing bridges and crunches in front a bunch of guys and looking like a turtle on it's back.

I hope to transition to free weights by the end of the month, though I will likely do those in the mornings to avoid the wave of testosterone currently occupying that section in the evenings.

OOOOO...question! Do any of you find that after a really high-calorie burn day (like, maybe 700 or more calories) you are about to eat your own arm off the whole next day? Yesterday was rough. I was hungry all day and even went over calories a bit thanks to mom's good old southern cooking. It's crazy, ya'll. Normally when I get seconds, I wind up being bloated and miserable. I got seconds for dinner last night and I felt just satisfied, not overstuffed in any way.

Which I think is OK based on how much I plan to burn this week (haven't readjusted yet). Today though, I'm fine. I would assume this means my body is working right, but I'm just curious.


I've been splitting my food intake into smaller meals and snacks and that has made a huge difference in my fatigue issues. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep helps too, but that I have a harder time with. I think 7 1/2 hours will cut it but it doesn't and it gives me severe brain fog. My mood is much better, though, and will hopefully continue to improve as we move on into spring.


Last week's food temptations were insane. First my coworker brings in Five Guys into our office (there are four of us in one room) and not only that, she decides not to each a single fry and then offers it to me. WTF! THENNNNN, she tosses those fries in our trash can so the smell taunts me ALL.FREAKIN.AFTERNOON.

Then someone brought in a ton of cookies for a service anniversary. THEN someone brought in doughnuts another day.

This week, a coworker brought in cookies made by his wife. I tried one, which seemed fairly reasonable in calories and even sugar, but I guess because of the sugar itself, ohhh...yawning for days right now. Sweet treats during the day? Very bad idea. Glad I only did that once and with the least offensive of the bunch.


Speaking of the french fry co-worker...she is about to go some wacky diet. 2 weeks of Master Cleanse, 2 week of just veggies, and 2 weeks of just fruit. It's all about "detox".

Le sigh. I looked up Master Cleanse and am a bit horrified. No food at all? Just calories from syrup? Did I read that right? And we won't discuss the issues I have with of the veggies and fruit only weeks.

Now I've already said my piece about judging nutritional choices, and I'm trying not to criticize her choice either even though this is more of a "diet" than anything else, so I think it's a different kettle of fish altogether. I haven't told her she's wackadoo or anything. I just hate to see her so miserable during it and I know the grump will be spread out amongst the rest of us in the office. I also hope she doesn't hurt her health from it. I wish she's try to find a lifestyle change instead.


I guess that's about it. Need to do my taxes and a crapton of other stuff. But other than that, I'm OK. Not great, but OK. Oh, and I do have pictures for 2 other SP recipes that I've made...just need to throw together entries for them

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I semi-watch the biggest loser. I like Jillian, sometimes people are too whiny and she doesn't allow it. Sometimes she's a little too harsh. According to the show and the contestants, they have a nutritionist on staff that they meet with regularly.
    1957 days ago
    You are doing great and I loved your blog!
    I also like Danni from The Biggest Loser, she is doing a great job!

    1958 days ago
    It sounds like you were able to resist the food temptations! If so that's awesome! And I'm sure you'll be upgrading to free weights really soon! Congrats!

    And your spot on about the Snowflake diet! It's really true that all of our bodies require different diets and regimens, and part of the fun is finding the right combination for you. Haha sometimes it's easier for some than others, but there's hope for everyone!

    Keep doing the great work! I hope you're enjoying your documentary/reality show kick!
    1958 days ago
    I too will buy the Snowflake Diet Book when you write it. I watch The Biggest Loser too. I do it just to get some motivavtion. Some of the contestants do inspire me to do better. I just can't see myself exercising for hours a day. These people hve nothing to do at the ranch except eat, sleep and exercise. No job to go to, no family ot take care of, no household to manage. How in the world do they manage all that exercicse when they go home????? The weight loss is too fast. I'd love to lose like that but wonder if I'd be able to sustain it. I am a slow loser and last year I managed to lose 16 pounds which was a great motivator for me. Lately I have been in a slump so I needed to read this to make me feel better and get myself back in the saddle. thanks!!
    1958 days ago
    I love "The Special Snowflake Diet"! I'll buy your book. :-)

    I've also been watching "The Biggest Loser" for the first time, though I'm also watching reruns on Hulu. I like seeing the different exercises, but the whole show seems pretty dangerous. I read this interview with a Season Three finalist talking about how awful it was:


    Basically, the trainers forced them to ignore medical advice from the doctors, they forced everyone to exercise in the desert heat in a gym WITHOUT A/C while wearing as much clothing as possible before every weigh in, etc. Kind of the stuff you'd expect, really, but a definite refutation of the general "Well, they were medically supervised!" justification I've heard a lot.
    1959 days ago
  • KIMBERLY19732
    Enjoyed your blog! Hope there are less tempations this week! emoticon
    1959 days ago
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