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My Trigger Foods

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Our next assignment as we get prepared for the 5% challenge is to write about our trigger foods. The things that take us off course on our diet and that we eat even though we are not really hungry.

My trigger foods are...

Bread - It can be a snack of toast and jam in the evening or a quick, easy sandwich meal during the day, usually toasted or at least the filling is warm. I don't like cold sandwiches.
It is a carb eaten in front of the tv. I know I shouldn't eat wheat, but the rest of the family has no problem and so the bread is always in the kitchen.

Saltine Crackers - A craving snack. Maybe I need salt or maybe I just need the crunch. I do know I can't stop once I start eating them. Also eat them when we have soup.
It is a carb I eat when bored and in front of the tv usually. They are always in the kitchen to go along with soups. Also another wheat product I shouldn't be eating.

These are my big triggers. Both wheat. Maybe it is more of a craving for the thing I am allergic to? My husband always joins me when I am eating these foods, but that is not why I eat them.

Chocolate or sweets are bothersome foods. I eat them if they are around, but I can definitely control my portion size. A couple squares of dark chocolate or a very small portion of a dessert.
Sugar makes my heart race and then I need to eat protein to calm down. My hubby brings me goodies as a treat. But, I don't say No to the sweets! Hmmmm....I guess they make me feel loved.

Meat and Potatoes meals. They always go together, they always have for my lifetime. I feel addicted to potatoes. Baked, mashed, french fries. The must have accompaniment to protein meals.
It is a carb. It is a habit. No good reason except tradition and deeply embedded in my eating patterns. I never turn down potatoes and the rest of the family won't eat a meal without them, so they are always in the kitchen.

Patterns I noticed. Eating while watching tv. Eating wheat products. Eating foods that are always in the kitchen.

What could I do instead while watching tv? Work out on my exercise bike, drink water or tea. Start eating at the table instead of in front of the TV!!!

What could I do for a quick warm meal instead of a sandwich?
Make dishes in crock pot with meat and veggies to just heat up quickly. Try to give up the bread and learn to enjoy the meat alone. I recently found out that this is actually a more enjoyable way to eat fish. I can taste the delicate flavor and I can add a bit of lemon juice. No need for potatoes or bread.

What to do about the foods in the kitchen that I shouldn't eat but the rest of the family use daily?
Set up a specific area of the kitchen to store my allowable foods and only look there. Put the bread and crackers farther away from the entrance to the kitchen.
Prepare another veggie to replace the potatoes on my plate if needed.
Plan ahead!
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