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I'm such a flake

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I have a dozen reasons for not being around. Unfortunately most of the valid ones, like not having a computer to use, resolved themselves before Christmas. Sorry. I have such a habit of flaking. 2013: year of the anti-flake.

Last week I started up an off-Spark blog so I figured I'd better get my tushy back over here too. Not that I expect most of you (if anyone is left) to read both, because lots of times they'll be the same, but if you might be interested it is Craft Me a Runner at craftmearunner.blogspot.

I'd appreciate a few followers if you've got it in you to do one more blog :). Life is on an upswing right now. Hubs is working again, albeit for very low pay, he is working AND still going to school training for computer tech work. Kids are all currently healthy and we are enjoying a cool, damp winter. Before anyone starts complaining, cool and damp is unusual for my neck of the woods so it's been absolutely wonderful needing to wear some sweaters and getting rainy days. For those of you for whom rainy/snowy and cold is the norm I hope you get more than your share of sunny days :).

Life has been very busy with everything going on. Son is in fourth grade so we have seen an upswing in homework and projects. For the very first time ever I had to help put together a science fair project. We "watered" plants with different liquids and found that only water and cold coffee will sprout plants and that if you use milk all you get is dirt with a disgusting, stinky, whitish mold on it. Really, super gross.

Running was not going well, but that too is on an upswing (go over to the off site blog for more on that).

So, with all the ducks in a row for this particular moment in time it seemed like a good time to get everything else back on track. Like tracking food-lol. That's not going well, but I'm working on it :).

Later, after I vacuum the living room, dust, do a bunch of laundry, clean the bathrooms (including the cat's), and straighten up my bed room and do something resembling a workout, I'll be back to catch up with my reading (that might take awhile though). Good to be back.
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