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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I love that you guys all laughed so hard at the Tyrannosaur imagery from my blog yesterday, and I can't believe that's the first time I've used that analogy here. That's been an ongoing gag between me and my friends for the last year.

It's pretty well known that I have almost no upper body strength to speak of. Legs? Not a game. Arms... well, it's getting better. But anyway, one night last March, we all decide to arm wrestle.

I lost.


To everyone.

And while the menfolk were gloating over my defeated corpse (okay, not really), my best friend says, "Awww, it's not fair! That's like being proud of arm wrestling a t-rex."

Thus the nickname was born. The next day, someone posted this picture to my Facebook:

And it just sorta snowballed from there. Now, in most people's minds, Emma = t-rex. I'm totally okay with this because of two things:

It's hilarious.

And it's accurate. I have no upper body strength, but you STILL don't wanna mess with me! hahahaha

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