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Sickness, Starting Over and Scheduling

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Well, the move into my new apartment went very smoothly. As it turns out, I have very few earthly belongings...so loading the truck took about 30 minutes with just my husband and me and my father-in-law. Drove the truck to the new apartment and my move-in helpers weren't to arrive for another 1.5 hours. I got every single thing unloaded from that truck all by myself except for my bed, a dresser, a table and a couch. I was feeling pretty badass that day! Haha.

First night was rough with missing the kids. My 4 year old really didn't understand why I wasn't "coming home" after I was finished unpacking at my new house. He and I had been talking excitedly about my move for over a week beforehand, but he just wasn't fully grasping it. That was difficult. But...it would only be three days alone, then I'd start my first full week with the kids (we are switching off full weeks at a time). I was so blessed to have amazing friends (present and virtual) to keep me company Friday, Saturday and Sunday...so I wouldn't be alone and wouldn't have to bear the transition entirely on my own. It was a lovely distraction and a very happy weekend for me...one in which I fully embraced my new found freedom with deep and profound joy.

Even so, I was jumping out of my skin excited to go to church Sunday and see my kids for the first time and take them home with me that afternoon. They were wild with excitement over the new place. The four year old calls it "your awesome house". We have had such special and wonderful times together in that apartment these past 3 days...just the four of us. I quickly realized that my kids are just as happy in a 700 square foot apartment with very few belongings as they are in a 2,000 square foot house loaded with "stuff", as long as they feel loved and like they are the center of my world. And they certainly are.

While I don't have much, I do have everything I need to live right now and I can't complain about that. We are waiting on a shower curtain, so we are currently taking only baths...which is not new for the kids, but new for me. Haha. Funny story on beds right now, though...I have a bunk bed for the girls but only the frame. A friend was nice enough to give it to us for free AND bring it over AND install it! Waiting for payday to get mattresses, though. Right now, the girls are sleeping in my Queen-sized bed and my son has a little couch/bed that he sleeps on next to them on the floor. I try to get as much of the night as possible on the couch...but he always comes out around 2am and begs me to come into the room with them. The past few nights, I end up laying across the foot of the bed at my girls' feet...just like a cat. Haha. Hey...whatever works.

In terms of training for my half marathon, this is dicey. I was sick and missed a week and a half of training runs. Then, the move. Now, my week with the kids. I did find out that the YMCA has childcare until 8pm and my girls have martial arts 7:15-8pm Tues and Thurs. Because my 4 yr old LOVES to go to childcare (he thinks it's school), I put him in there last night and I was able to get a 2 mile run in on the treadmill (first run in over 2 weeks) and it felt AWESOME!!!

So, I plan to hit my training really hard on the weeks the kids are with their dad, definitely do at least the two nights when the kids are with me...but it's my long runs I am struggling with. I usually do them on Saturdays. I suppose I could shift them every other week to Sunday afternoon when my kids have gone to their Dad's? Anyway...it's just mass confusion right now with scheduling my workouts. But my body misses the consistent exercise and so does my mind. I found I was much more patient and able to handle the kids when they got wild last night after a good run than the night before when I felt very stressed and tightly wound. In fact, after that stressful night, I actually dreamed I was running and it felt amazing (is that a message from God or something? Haha. He was saying, "Leah...get back to it!!! Figure it out! You've got to do this to stay sane and be a good mom!")

So, at some point...if I EVER have some time to think...I am going to adjust this training schedule and find a way to get the miles in. The thought of running the Mini in May without the mileage under my belt is scary to me. I know I can do it, as I proved in October (when all I did was swim for a month beforehand because my ankle was injured)...but there was quite a lot of pain after that race that I'm not willing to go through again if I can help it.

So, there you have it. A full update. Sure have missed this blogging business. Will have to make it a point to work that in more often now too. :)

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