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Every other week Roadblock (WARNING- ramble)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Let’s face it.
I have one good week.
One off week.

It seems to be the rhythm.

I honestly do not think it is for typical reasons.
If someone else said this to me I would assume that they burn themselves out in the Good week, and then crash in the off.

NO my problem is a little more simple than that.

It’s a schedule issue.

I am dating a man with split custody of his son.

So every other week is my week.

I do not spend the whole week with him. Indeed, only about three days.

But since I only get those 3 out of 14, I do not prioritize my workouts on those days.
Also, there is no space in his tiny home to do so in either case.
If the weather were nice I would try to get a walk in during my lunch break on at the least the two weekdays that I end up spending the evening with him (right now it is Tues and Fri) but it really is too nasty in the winter and since I work in a bad neighborhood I cannot go out alone, so even if I could convince myself to be brave and weather the elements, I cannot convince the men who typically walk with me in the summer.

I know this sounds like excuses, and maybe they are. Next question I suppose is why can’t I just get up early and fit the workout in BEFORE work.
2 reasons, and only one of them is good.
The First is that I suffer from insomnia. I often get some of my best sleep, if I get any, in the wee hours of the morning. I cannot seem to make myself get out of bed ON TIME most mornings, let alone early.
The Second may seem weird to some. Even if I could, it would be problematic. After a work out I would have to shower and wash my nearly waist length hair. My hair takes more than two hours to dry. I WILL NOT use a blow dryer. I have worked hard to have HEALTHY long hair and refuse to damage it so. Most nights I shower before bed and let my hair dry while I sleep. This particular problem of showering actually makes it more difficult to fit in decent cardio at other times of the day. I am not simply committing 45 minutes to a workout. I need far more time before I have to appear in public again.

In fact that situation is one of my biggest roadblocks to fitness. I keep feeling like I have to trade my social life for my fitness routine.

So, back on track here. None of this is insurmountable.

I could simply accept the fact that every other week I will only have time for 4 good cardio workouts instead of 5. Really that is not bad. I can also claim responsibility and start trying to eat a little healthier on date night’s etc. (I admit I calorie splurge A LOT around him)
On the opposing week I can still get my 5.

No, what is making me crazy is that I still have the rest of life to contend with and crap keeps falling on the same week.

This week for example. Last night was a no Cardio date night. Normally I would just workout tonight, make a good one, and move on.
Except we celebrate my sister’s Birthday tonight. My Mom and stepdad are visiting and I am cooking. This dinner will take time to cook. I CANNOT, workout & shower (hour) and THEN cook. It would be rude, they do not visit very often and would want to make the most of the time they spend here.
The best I can hope for is fitting in a brief one after they leave if they leave at a reasonable time. (I doubt they will and I have no wish to rush them)

I can work out Thursday. I can also manage Sunday.

So that is only 3 Cardio session, and that is what I used to do but having been stuck at this plateau so longer I am trying to INCREASE the number.
It is just frustrating.

I am looking forward to warmer weather, which will increase my chances of making up for lost treadmill time with a lunch walk.

In the end I know I am the one who is going to have to take control of the situation.

I really do want to commit to making it work, but half of the problem is that it often feel like Too much work. I fear that the frustration may someday make me give up.

Okay, time to go stare at the Santa picture for a few minutes and remind myself why I am NEVER giving up.
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  • CAMAEL100
    I think that like the earlier posters, getting in three cardio sessions every other week is good. It is certainly way better than nothing! Maybe try to up the intensity as opposed to the duration. Many now say that that is a better option. Like running thirty minutes is better than walking for sixty. Also the short sprints followed by slower.

    Have you tried skipping. Burns more calories than walking and is very portable and can be done anywhere.

    I agree that sometimes a week can go by and I haven't exercised as much as I would like. So this particular subject is very pertinent to me as well. Sometimes I am too busy with kids activities to get in some me time. We can only do our best and try to come up with better more productive used of our time! emoticon

    1895 days ago
    I like rants - it helps you sort things out sometimes I think. You know that what you prioritize in life is what you get. You are prioritizing time with boyfriend, hair quality and sleep. That is NOT bad, but if those are your priorities it is ok to not feel guilty about them. I actually get these reason as a person who has terrible insomnia and slightly shorter (but still quite long) hair. I also don't blowdry. I will sometimes wrap into a bun or braid if it is wet though....Have you considered bringing an ipad to work or downloading a yoga exercise or leslie sansone walking workout to do at work (not sure if you have space there). Stairwell walking? Just ideas. I hope your blog helped you find answers to what you are looking for.
    1897 days ago
    OH! And my current favorite way to up intensity during a lifting workout is to do plyometrics. I just added 5 box jumps in between each set when doing my upper body lifts. It wasn't really super challenging since I picked a VERY low box, but it honestly made a huge difference in my ability when I went snowboarding last week. I'm really amazed at it too, since it never felt like it was a crazy intense thing while I was actually doing them.
    1900 days ago
    I agree with the two other posters - (1) don't beat yourself up and (2) get creative. Yep, your schedule is wacky. But maybe small stuff will add up on the days when you are weirdly busy and maybe you just have to commit that on days when you DO have time, the workouts have to be harder than normal.

    So maybe something like the 100 push up challenge every morning or night (since it won't get you super sweaty). (Info here:
    #sthash.yz2Z623O.dpbs. Go ahead and do wall pushups or bench or bent knee or whatever). That would give you the satisfaction of seeing progress, but it should be something that you can do pretty quickly and ANYWHERE.

    And then on days when you CAN get in a workout, you make sure it's a doozy. Run on the treadmill like you usually do, but make sure to end with 5 minutes of sprint intervals (super fast for 30 seconds, then slow it down for a minute, then repeat 2 or 3 times). Adding intervals to my running really increased my fitness a lot faster than steady state stuff, and all I did (when I started) was an extra minute or two at the end of a regular run.
    1900 days ago
    You do have an odd schedule issue here. Obviously the fella is worth the disruption of your routine. The only suggestion I have is the one that works for me and eliminates "excuses": 10-minute exercise routines. Not enough to make you sweat, so no need for showers or hair washing. You can do the routines Coach Nicole has on videos that can be done at your desk chair. There is the 28-day bootcamp videos that have short units that are REAL exercise but brief and can be done with ordinary clothes on, even (mostly). 10 minutes! Heck, just 10 minutes of crunches and leg lifts is great stuff. Do 6 of those 10 minute units in a day? Well, anyhoo, that is what works for me.
    1900 days ago
  • ELP1210
    It sounds like you are being really hard on yourself. Remember, the best changes are those that still allow you to have a life!

    If you really want to boost up your fitness time on the busy week, could you add time to the workouts you can fit it?
    1900 days ago
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