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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Today's blog is a cornucopia of stuff, fair warning.

Calorie counts and a bit of OCDness- Does anyone else fear that the calories counts even when using the tracker is inaccurate? I weigh my food and also use a measuring cup because you just don't know how it's going to show up on the tracker. Next, the first time I enter a food on my tracker I tend to run a google search and check a few sources to get a general idea of what the calories should be, only then do I select a calorie count for my tracker. BUT, I'm still sort of chicken and so I try to stay away from the top of range as much as possible, just in case something was undercounted. I know, OCD at it's finest. How do you handle this?

Workout Calories- I tend not to eat them back which means that my net for the day generally hovers around 1000 calories except on Saturdays when I workout longer and then it's lower unless I go out and eat a little more. I cook a lot so I calculate my recipe totals and am fairly confident in the counts so I try to use the satiety method, if I am not hungry, I don't eat more just to max out the calorie range. What do you do?

Scale- ooh almost forgot, it hadn't moved in a few days, well that's not true. I lost .6lbs over 2 days then something wacky happened and it reappeared on the scale. It wasn't a true gain because I hadn't overeaten and had worked out but I a little high on sodium and felt a little bloated so I think that's where that came from. Anyway, I'm moving in the right direction again.

Finally, something inspiring that I read on today's featured guest blog that I believe whole heartedly. Many people who are working to lose weight have battled body hatred for a long time and expect that with weight lost that will change, only to later realize that body love isn't about being a certain size: It has to come from within. You must have love and appreciation for yourself and if you don't, fake it till you make it!

We are all worthy of care, respect, love and confidence so own your body. Don't wait to lose weight before you think you deserve anything. Walk and even run with confidence, dress with style, just don't be ridiculous, the aim is to project confidence, not incite ridicule and feel uncomfortable. Never let fear of what others may think stop you from doing what you want to do, whether that's dancing, running, joining that gym, wearing a swimsuit, or wearing a certain outfit.

Luckily, I've always had a good self image, no matter what size I am. That doesn't mean I am happy with my body every second of the day but if you ask me at any second to tell you something I like about my body, you might get more than you bargained for. I've always been that girl who thinks she's the best and looks the best even if others disagree.

I take my beach vacations every year and I wear the hell out of my swimsuits! Of course I am not rocking a bikini but being bigger isn't going to stop me from finding a tasteful swimsuit and stepping on the beach with confidence. In fact, I'm the annoying person who spends all day in their swimsuit at the resort, wearing a cover-up only when I'm going inside the lobby, a restaurant or someplace similar. emoticon emoticon emoticon.

I am a great dancer and I can outdance almost any skinny person and I work it when I'm on the dance floor. emoticon emoticon I'm still young so I rock the fashion trends in my own way, I'm not wearing a neon green pair of legging but it might be part of the color scheme of my outfit, part of a multicolored blouse or purse, a nail polish, a pair of sandal etc. emoticon I've never worried that my date or boyfriend wants a skinny person, I'm pretty demanding so if they're with me, it's because they want to be. emoticon This is the month of love, or at least that's what hallmark wants us to believe, so show love to the most important person, you, then love everyone else. When someone pays you a compliment, say "thank you" and don't second guess it (exceptions allowed for folks you know for sure are generally full of crap!).
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    I tend to overestimate in the Nutrition Tracker, rather than underestimate. And, like you, if something doesn't look right, I'll check it in a few other sources. I don't worry about calories burned, preferring to just get my fitness minutes in.

    emoticon With your body image and confidence. I've had a few knocks, so I need a bit of panel beating before I exude "I'm ok", again emoticon
    1925 days ago
    Thanks guys, I can be a little neurotic sometimes.
    1928 days ago
    Don't worry about the calorie count as much if you are close that is what counts. Also i don't believe in over eating to get to your limits if you are under one day fine if you are over one day fine. Just try to adjust and make sure you are satisfied and not starving. You are spot on on loving yourself now!
    1928 days ago
    That song would actually be a good addition to my warm-up workout playlist, lol. Thanks!

    When it comes to the calorie tracker, if I can enter in the foods myself, I do that. If it's something fresh like fruits or veggies, I go with SP because I assume those would likely not be off by much. The rest of the time, I just do the best I can to estimate and use other entries. I'll look at 2-3 entries by other members to see if they are consistent. I'm not too concerned about it...most stuff is only off by 10-20 calories, and that may be a regional thing or a change in how the product is made.
    1929 days ago
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