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Survived my first "What's the point?" evening. Whew!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Before I start this let me say my husband is AWESOME!

Ok, so last night sucked big time! I was in a full scale "what's the point? I don't see an progress!" tantrum. Crying, whining, and generally pissy. I was hungry all darn day yesterday and none of the traditional distraction techniques were working. I'm about cycle time in the month too. (ugh) I couldn't figure out what the heck to do about it and fix it. My wonderful (most of the time understanding) husband, just let me cry and somewhat rant in the privacy of our room and in his arms. Knowing that my outbursts usually last a short period of time, he just waited till I was done.

Then asked me if I was ready to hear the positive changes in my life that HE can see. The list opened my eyes.

1. Positive Attitude 95% of the time
2. Clearer skin
3. Clothing already fits differently
4. Hair isn't falling out as much (I have long red hair that clings to EVERYTHING, I'm sure my vacuum cleaner appreciates this....)
5. Our private life is better
6. I've stuck with this longer than I ever have.
7. I haven't complained about heartburn in a month

I hadn't seen all the little things that he had. I was amazed. Still felt craptastic, but was willing to be more optimistic about continuing my journey.

Thank You Very Much Babe.
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