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Little Life Notes & Gym Showers

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

1) I am so excited for lunch today. I brought my 50 calorie wheat wraps and some amish market feta cheese and avocado - and I am going to go down to my work salad bar to pick up some fresh sprouts, cucumbers, spinach, and tomatoes to make a seriously yummy and fresh lunch!

2) I have some sort of sniffles, but I am still making myself take all of the stairs at work today. I think my body is fighting off a bug and I want to sleep so badly but I need some movement! Hopefully my tush and thighs will start tightening up a bit in thanks hah.

3) I realized a key thing this morning on my way to work - I am TERRIFIED of gym showers. I couldn't figure out why I was so hesitant to start doing the gym in the morning (when I have more time and to get it out of the way for the day) but had no problem with planning gym time after work (which I am more likely to miss...) and I am pretty sure it is the shower. Germs, having to deal with a towel touching things, getting wet, being naked... I just don't like the idea AT ALL. What do I dooooo?!?!?!?!

4) I cooked and ate mushrooms with our dinner last night. Say what?! They are not that bad! I still wouldn't eat them raw or anything but they aren't something to be scared of anymore!

Busy day today at work, moving right along. Hope you all are having a fabulous week!
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  • JANAMP09
    Your lunch sounds great! Good thinking!

    Also getting over a cold/sniffles. Got really bad and had to take last weekend off the gym but by Monday, I made myself go back but had to push myself. It is now Saturday and had a rough couple of days but just keep going (unless you get a fever)

    I shower at the gym daily and never had any issues. I know our gym is really clean but I still wear flip flops in there but never worry about any of your other issues. I can't see there being a big difference from the washroom/showers to touching all the gym equipment others have touched before you
    1948 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Wear shower shoes if you wish and just hit the showers. However remember that I am a guy and most guys simply comb there hair while it is wet or can quickly dry it with a hairdryer. Plus we do not put on make-up, etc. Getting ready for the workday is a little easier for men than it is for women.
    1957 days ago
    I grew up spending summers in trailer parks, where we'd shower in the public showers. Never caught anything. Really. Flipflops help protect your feet, but I've never bothered with them. (Unless the shower stall is bare concrete and not tiled.)

    And how many germs are in a shower where everyone is using soap and hot water? Right?

    Maybe I'm too casual, but seriously, I've never worried about public showers and such - they do have good cleaning staff, and they're showers.

    Now bathroom floors, that's a whole other story! THAT is what creeps me out, public bathroom floors. I don't even let the bottom of my pants touch there!!!!
    1958 days ago
    1.) YAY! That sounds delicious!!!
    2.) Ditto. My husband and daughters were sick all last week and I am just now feeling it! But I made myself go to the gym yesterday anyway. People have told me unless I’m deathly ill to just keep doing it because it will help, so sometimes I listen to those people.
    3.) Okay I realize everyone else agreed with you, but this one cracks me up! My only fear is the being NAKED part. I shower at the public swim pool in this gigantic shower with like 5 other women at the same time, with my flip flops on and my bathing suit! But I think I’m oblivious about germs to be honest. I mean I have my hand sanitizer and soap and all that, but the Naked would worry me!
    4.) I LOVE mushrooms, raw, cooked, steamed, stir-fried, stuffed, pickled (yes pickled)!

    Have an excellent afternoon!

    1958 days ago
    Have a great day!
    1958 days ago
    Through the years I have had many gym memberships. I hate say it, but the only one I ever felt comfortable showering at was the one where I knew the lady who cleaned the bathrooms (sweet semi-retired woman from my church who made scrubbing her personal vendetta). And even then I wore flip flops:)
    I like SQUIRRELLYONE's suggestion of blasting it with your own disinfection first, letting it sit while you prep your stuff, and then running the water and still using flip flops. That sounds like a very good and sanitary way to approach this.

    Good Luck!
    1958 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1958 days ago
    I'm not a huge fan of gym showers either. I have a towel in my locker at work, but I use it mostly to towel off (I am one of the fortunate who doesn't get super-smelly-sweaty) and then dress for work. A few options if that won't work for you:
    1. Get a locker (you can clean it and store your stuff in there). Stock it with the usual shower products, flip flops AND some spray cleaners.
    2. When you get back from the gym, before anything else, spray down the floor of the stall and the shower head with a disinfectant (lysol, whatever). Leave it for 2 mins and then run the water.
    3. While you're doing that you can clean the towel hanger, hang your towel and disrobe. Wear your flip flops in the shower and Ta-Daaa! Not touching anything anyway, nothing skeevie, and you get clean and on to work!

    Good luck!
    1958 days ago
    Your lunch sounds delicious! I love taking wraps/sandwiches to work for lunch - it's so easy and filling.

    About the gym showers... I've never taken a shower at my gym. Mostly because I live 5 minutes from my gym and I wouldn't be saving that much time in the morning. I think it depends on how CLEAN the gym staff keeps the showers/locker rooms. It grosses me out a bit too. I would totally wear flip flops, though.
    1958 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/6/2013 9:15:18 AM
  • DEEDAWN2013
    I wish I had some ideas on what to do about gym showers. *gah* I completely understand your discomfort with them. The only thing that ever made me more comfortable with public showers was wearing flipflips or something so I didn't feel like I was standing in everyone else's germs. emoticon
    1958 days ago
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