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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I have been part of this site for a while and it's amazing how accurate the readings are for me... If anyone wants to check out the free link -

I did the 6 card Universal Reading and it couldn't be more "Bang" on for all I'm feeling as I prepare for my getaway...

Universal 6 Card Spread

Card 1 (Judgement) : How you feel about yourself now »

You feel this is an end to an era or at least a certain phase of your life - you are taking stock and looking where you want to go from here. This ending is not one for regret but for rejoicing. Soon you will enjoy the rewards for your past efforts. As with any period of endings, many opportunities will present themselves and the choice that you make will have far reaching implications that could change your life dramatically. Any legal issues should be ruled in your favour.

Card 2 (Death) : What you most want at this moment »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is absolute change, to end what you no longer want and start anew. You desire to transform your career or your love life, perhaps your whole lifestyle in general. However catastrophic such changes could be, embracing them will only make you grow in wisdom and experience.

Card 3 (The Devil) : Your fears »

You are afraid that it's out of control, you simply cannot resist this passionate attraction. Despite the fact its addictive and unlikely to be right, you just can't stop yourself. Whatever it is, a passion for someone who's not good for you, money deals that are too good to be true or any other kind of temptation, try to resist, as it is unlikely to have a positive outcome. If you're feeling low in self-belief and self worth and doubt your abilities, don't, have more confidence - its not too late to change direction.

Card 4 (The Chariot) : What is going for you »

Drive, drive, drive, that's what's going for you. You certainly aren't a quitter that's for sure. The appearance of The Chariot tells of conflicts ending in victory, so don't give up, battle on and you will succeed. This is a time of movement and change. Expect a journey relating to work, and if you've had you're eye on that car, it will soon be yours.

Card 5 (The Sun) : What is going against you »

You may experience a few delays on your quest for success and achievement but don't worry, you'll get there in a blaze of glory. Success may go to your head a little so a little modesty wouldn't go amiss. Other than a few minor delays, look forward to a period of joy and happiness. If you are experiencing problems with conceiving a baby, The Sun often heralds good news around children and a much wanted pregnancy or birth of a longed-for baby.

Card 6 (The Empress) : Outcome »

This is a truly creative and fertile time. Expect the best if you are considering having a child, creating a new job or business opportunity or starting a creative project. The Empress symbolizes abundance, joy and happiness, and reassurance - a firm foundation for future progress.

With the exception of a 'baby' as that's NOT happening in my life again... this is true for me... I see the 'baby' as an analogy to NEW beginnings...

Bring it on!! 2 more sleeps and I'll be in Paradise!!! Can't wait to try this out...
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