A little friendly competition..

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Not sure what to think about today. On the upside, I walked 4.1 miles. On the down side, I ate EIGHT girl scout cookies. (Ugh.. Why do they have to be so good??) To be honest, my calories aren't extremely high once I calculate in the amount I burned. Could have been better but I won't complain. Plus, I will have lots more walking in this week.

I did get a laugh from my mom though! We both have a nike+ account that is attached to our sportband/phone (I can use either because I have the band and the app on my phone.) Today she put in 3.7 miles and said she was going to call me to give me sh*t. She said she was shocked when she realized I was still ahead of her. I am at 6.78 miles total this month and she is at 4.79 miles total for the month. Definitely gave me a boost of pride. Now I am hoping to stay ahead. I'm sure she will get ahead because she's training for a 5k but I am proud of myself for getting in as much as I did today. It's kind of a little competition.. and extra motivation.
This is the same sportband I have.. Their is a little part that sticks out that goes into a slot in the watch. You can pull it off to plug into the computer to upload your walk information.. and there is a little sensor that you put on your shoe to record your walking information.

My mom has kind of been here for me the whole journey. She suggested sparkpeople and I made a profile.. didn't care much and fell back into my routine. When I went back to SparkPeople and started losing the weight, I let her in on the news and she's been like a cheerleader for me. We went walking together one day when we were down visiting and then she had made me the deal if I lost 20 more pounds by Christmas she would get me the nike sportband. Of course I lost that plus some. Now we both have the nike plus accounts and each time I plug in my chip with my walk information, it brings up my account and her miles too. When I'm gaining on her, I let her know.. and she says it kind of pushes her to work harder too. When she's gaining on me, she does the same. Guess it helps to have a little mother/daughter rivalry going on! Haha.
Here's a picture of me and my mama. I clearly got my dad's brown hair and brown eyes. Haha.

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