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No Cancer! Busy Week/Weekend Looming..

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I apparently don't have to worry about any cancer, but the RA on the other hand..My family Dr. says I need pain management and asked when I see the rheumatologist. In the meantime she is going to try me on gabapentin to see if it will ease the back pain enough so I can sleep at night. Don't know that I care so much for this one when I read the side effects it could have. Anyone been on this that likes or hates it? Also, my blood tests were very good -and this is why my specialist insists the disease is under control because there are no signs of activity -so the spinal pain is just my imagination?? A new area being affected that has never been touched before a sign my disease is under control?? Somehow, I don't think so..
Another vent about the incompetent mail delivery system we have in my 251 tenant building. Today, I got two pieces of mail -my NEIGHBOURS!!! So where did MY copy of my bone scan report go to???? I have complained so often about this nightmare. All of my mail is important. Once I 'lost' my income tax assessment and had to reapply so I could prove my income for the housing authority (it had been returned to them so yet another government agency thinking I had moved). Twice, they lost my credit card bills, so the company stopped sending them, boy was that inconvenient -they thought I had moved because they were being sent back!!!! These are highly paid and trained postal workers who are unable to put the right mail in the right slot (and yes, they were properly addressed -in my mind there is a difference between 100, 101 and 102 not to mention different names.)
I don't know when I will get time to deal properly with this as I have a very busy week and weekend coming up. Tomorrow is swiss teams at the club, and I will enjoy playing with my mentor in it. But before that I have my Probus meeting and my Humira injection. I hope I can push out my exercise in the morning and get everything done. Lunch will be a frantic rush to get done after the meeting and the walk back and forth to there than the club. Then Thursday I have a double bridge session, in the afternoon with a novice, then the start of the sectional tournament. For a rare change, I have a game every day for the whole thing :P Wasn't too happy with being pressured to play on the Sunday teams, but at least they got me a partner I can enjoy playing with. In fact, I look forward to all the people I will be playing with in this tournament. One was a guy I taught from novice and he credits me for his advancement and success! He has a great sense of humour and with all his medical problems he has faced -the latest being a crippling stroke- it makes your problems seem minor -but he has always been a bright, fun guy and never let his situation get him down.
I got some Pennsaid to try on my various sore body parts, at $60 for a small bottle, I sure hope it does better than the Voltaren I have been using. I really enjoy my exercising, but the constant fatigue and various sore parts is making things difficult. Even my last exercise of the day, my Zumba, couldn't pump up my feeling and mood.
Wishing all a good night, good sleep and a Wonderful Wednesday!
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    Oh my goodness I have been so out of touch with my Sparkfriends. I am so pleased for you that you are cancer free!

    The continued pain is not good though.

    Hope the medication works for you and you don't have too many side effects.

    Thank you so much for your support on my blogs!
    Love from Libby
    1941 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi Linda,
    YAY for the "no cancer" diagnosis. I can't celebrate that with you nearly enough. I have been worried on top of worried since this became a possibility for you.

    I have been taking gabapentin for years and years. It is the generic of Neurontin, but personally, I found no difference between the two. It was prescribed to me originally for my fibromyalgia, but it became an important part of my medication treatment after my back infection. As my dear Dr. Miller explained to me--once a scalpel has entered your spine area, you will always have nerve damage and resulting pain. My back surgeries have been extreme and treating that damage has been tricky in many ways. My rheumy put me on gabapentin and my pain doc increased the dose. Dr. Miller maxed it out because of the nature of both my pain and the damage I have. She recommended that I use three one hundred mg capsules rather than the larger size tablets because the capsules are much easier to swallow. She was so right on that account. I have had no adverse side effects from it ever and I have had some relief from it. I am not totally relieved from it, but I am not totally relieved from any of my meds--I get the best from a combination of them.

    Other meds that I could have gotten had lousy side effects--Lyrica and Cymbalta both were problems. I couldn't deal with the weight gain from Lyrica and Cymbalta caused me to pass out unexpectedly and prevented me from losing weight. My docs also tried things like combining anti-depressants along with other drugs and that entire group of meds seems to be pretty awful for me and weight loss or maintenance. Gabapentin doesn't interfere with my efforts. I sure hope that you get some relief from it and are side-effect free.
    My best to you, dear friend. We travel so many of the same roads.
    Gentle hugs,
    1951 days ago
    HI Linda, thanks for the update.... emoticon I am doing the happy dance for you on "NOT FINDING CANCER!!!!!" emoticon .

    I developed some neuropathy in my feet and hands as a result of my chemotherapy treatments with Taxol and one of my doctors recommended Neurotin but I didn't want to take it. My feet burn at night sometimes and my oncologist prescribed Tylenol 3 to take at bedtime, this helps me to sleep and dulls the pain. I don't take this every day though, and that's why I didn't want to take the Neurotin because I didn't want to have to take a medication everyday, T3 has less side-effects with the small amount I take compared to the side-effects of the Neurotin. If I had, had more severe pain, I probably would have considered it, but I don't know about the drug from personal experience.

    I wish you the best and hope that you find something that manages your pain and I am so sorry to hear about the postal mishaps, I have had my share of them. I have had the mail carrier take my mail back to the post office saying that my building was unsafe to leave it... the postal carrier has a key that they have to use to get into my hall way, I have an intercom system. I complained to the postal manager about this. Once, my mail was left on the outside window sil in the rain, and some of the mail had fallen into the yard... could go on, I hope you get it straightened out soon.

    Take care and enjoy your evening. ~ Dee emoticon
    1953 days ago
    I am so behind since being on vacation, I didn't even catch this blog of yours Linda! Sorry about that! I am so glad you don't have cancer, that worried me when I heard you had tests for it. I read in the status you had 7 hours of broken sleep...that is great! I have broken sleep too and when I can stay in bed for that long or more, is something to be applauded!!! So happy for you! I hope the new meds keep helping! emoticon
    I know what you mean about bad mail service! Our small community is new as of 4 years ago-it was a nightmare to even get them used to us being here! To this day we get our neighbors mail. I have complained too to the post office-deaf ears!
    We ended up getting a PO Box at the post office and have all our mail go there. All we get at our house now is junk mail and who cares where that ends up!! Of course, going through an address change is a headache on anyday, but once it all gets ironed out it is great!!
    Keep moving best you can..you have such a strong spirit- I know you can get through this!! Hang in there! emoticon
    1954 days ago
    I am so glad you are back online on SP, really missed you. Glad to hear no cancer, but no so glad to hear about your other tribulations. Wishing you well on getting everything straightened out. One thing I have found that writing a formal, snail mail letter to most businesses gets me far better results than email - which gets lost in email h**l, or phoning only to talk to some gum smacking employee who doesn't care. (Ok, not to slam all employees or gum chewing individuals, but you know what I mean and who I'm talking about.)

    Also, as big a pain as it is, log every error you're aware of, the date you finally received it vs mailing date, and whether the address had any errors. Take a pic of the envelope or keep it if you can. Lastly, you could always write a letter to the editor of the paper and do a bit of shaming. Never like going that route, but it's worked in the past. If you haven't received what you are expecting with in a reasonable time, get a hold of the originator to be sure they haven't had it returned and written you off (I know, more of a pain). I would also try to find out (and you may already know this) is it usually the same mail carrier who comes to your building? If so, find out his name and complain about him to his supervisor by name. If all else fails, just breathe. :)
    1957 days ago
    Yippee!!! You are so brave and an inspiration for me Linda. Thanks for being my spark friend,
    1958 days ago
    1958 days ago
    Glad to see you are back on board!!!
    As for your poor postal service, goodness, considering you didn't just move into that building, what in the world is going on? Canadian mail delievery doesn't sound great at all. I sure can understand your frustration!

    As for the pain ointments....I do hope your latest helps. There arn't too many out there that actually do help. The one I have used is Soothenol with Emu oil. Actually penatrates very well! Helps when my knees really act up.

    Do hope you are sleeping better!!!
    1963 days ago
  • C8TSON
    I am soooo happy to hear that you are cancer free! That is wonderful news!!! As for the RA, I sincerely hope they can get you some pain management. I know you have suffered for so long with the pain, and I hope they can get you some relief and soon. As for side effects, that is the worst part of the pharmaceutical world. I hate that everything has a side effect, but hopefully they won't be too bad. Sorry for the postal incompetence...that is highly annoying. Anyway, hope you are having a good week, and so glad to see you back online! I missed you! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1964 days ago
    Cancer-free!!! That is absolutely wonderful. So sorry about the pain and aggravation.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1964 days ago
    Happy Wednesday LInda!

    Praise God for the no cancer report and I'm praying that there will never be in Jesus' Name! emoticon

    I was on gabapentin for several year because of neuropathy pain in my legs. Some people take it for seizures as well. I stopped taking it about 2010. I preferred taking the Neurontin because this generic didn't work as well. I don't like taking medicine period! At the time I was on so many and Morphine so I couldn't tell if it worked. I still had problems with my legs. The best pain medicine I ever had was Methadone. I was going to a Pain Specialist and I told him that the Morphine caused too much confusion at the pharmacy one day so put me on what he would use. And that was Methadone. I think I'm spelling it correctly. It was WAY cheaper than the rest. Did your doctors check you for disk problems in your back because that was one of my problems and the reason I was on that strong medicine. I'll keep you in prayer. I HATE sickness and disease. That's why I'm staying on this lifestyle change.
    Be Blessed In EVERY Way!
    emoticon emoticon
    1964 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Happy to hear no cancer! I do hope that the new meds work. So sorry about the mail delivery. I have been through that and it is a nightmare! emoticon
    1964 days ago
    Great news about NO cancer sorry you are having such a time in getting your mail though
    1964 days ago
    The best news is no cancer! Enjoy your weekend!!!
    1965 days ago
    So glad to hear the good news - both on the cancer and blood front - sounds like some pain relief may be on the way!
    1965 days ago
    So glad it's not cancer!!! And I hope the new meds work well with minimal to no side affects!

    1965 days ago
    Glad to hear that you don't have cancer. Sorry you are having so much pain in your back. Hope they can find something to help you. Sounds like you have quite a problem with your postman. It sounds really frustrating. Hope you can get it sorted out.
    1965 days ago
    emoticon news about the lack of cancer!

    Sorry you have to endure so much pain, though. I hope the new drugs help...just can't imagine how you function with so little sleep. A four-hour night leaves me unproductive, and a two-hour night makes me call in sick.

    On the mail, I don't know where you live, but I have a friend in Edmonton who complains about the mail delivery there. Is this a nationwide issue?
    1965 days ago
    Hurray re the no cancer news: boooooo re the pain and the RA extension and the mail delivery and . . . . yeah.

    I'm betting that bridge guy learned more than bridge from you when it comes to staying cheery!

    1965 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1965 days ago
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