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Day 5- Where's The Fruit?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I had another great day of orientation! Because of my experience in cardiac nursing, I was asked to assist in teaching the life support class. I'm not thrilled when given any kind of public speaking or teaching assignment but I'm probably going to have to get used to it because apparently they utilize the staff quite a bit for peer education. Oh well... I read a quote this morning that said if you never leave your comfort zone you never grow. Too tired to look it up but I'm sure you get the drift! Public speaking is not a strength of mine. When I'm in front of a class, I feel like I'm a 10 year old chubby kid all over again. Perhaps I'll eventually grow out of this as time goes on.

Did well with the food again today. It's amazing all the pastries and doughnuts they cater in. Doesn't anyone eat fruit anymore?

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    I LOVE fresh fruit, I might suggest you bring some in with you, to share! You KNOW so much about how health is a factor in these addictions! Maybe you were put into this position to help change, your little part of the world! I'm doing food combining right now. Fresh Carrots~Raisins - dried pineapple~ Fresh apples~ & celery sticks, for me is like a carrot raisin salad. I keep everything separate & taste as I feel. This might be good for your co-workers with a sweet tooth! Not sure if it appropaite at this point for you, but just saying!
    1933 days ago
    I am glad they are utilizing you in that respect. You know much and it would be a waste NOT to spread it around. You'll get used to it and you'll do great.
    1933 days ago
  • SLEE103
    I LOVE fruit...I wish I could get all my freggies servings in just fruit, but alas, the veggies part of freggies is important :(

    I have to train others on my job too...the best tip I can give you is to be prepared and know your material, which sure sounds like you do! Also speak deliberately and slowly it will keep nerves in check. Once you start, it WILL get easier!
    1933 days ago
    The whole reason my job does not is easy. Too expensive. We did a fitness challenge last summer and bought fruit for 8 weeks out of ten for all of the offices.
    To make sure there was enough for everyone was vastly more expensive than a box of donuts is. I know. I pay the bills.
    The bosses dropped the idea when they saw the totals.

    Same with company lunches; Pizza or gooey pasta & cookies is far cheaper than salads, grilled chicken/fish with rice, or even a healthy(ish) lunch meats platter.

    Same thing that applies to us applies to them. It is unfairly expensive (comparatively) to eat healthy.

    1933 days ago
    Judging by the look on the waitress's face when I order the fruit at pretty much any restuarant you and I are the 2 people left on earth who eat fruit. At least that's what her facial expression says.
    1933 days ago
    We had a meeting Monday morning with the Area Aging people and I was amazed when our manager came in with a bag of tangerines instead of muffins. You are so right about the fruit. I always take my own, usually an apple when I know there are goodies. I am working on eating more fresh fruits and veggies.

    I live in low income senior apartments and sweets are all these people like and they have so many ailments and health issues and are all over weight. They have potlucks all the time but I hardly ever go because it makes me ill to see them gorging themselves and then taking plates of goodies home for later. They are used to my idiosyncrasies.

    I don't like to speak in front of a group either so I give you a lot of credit for doing that. You will get over your fear as you go.
    1933 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    I am with you, public speaking make me uncomfortable, too. But it sounds like your going to have to jump in with both feet! You can do this, you have the knowledge, now it is time to share it!
    BTW, I agree, our snack bar is filled with nothing but candy and pastries! It is a good thing I bring in my own!
    1933 days ago
    I notice that at parties, too. I think they cater in what they know people will eat. Most veggie and fruit trays are barely touched and end up being thrown away. So sad....

    Have another great day!
    1933 days ago
    congrats on everything!
    1933 days ago
  • CAMAEL100
    Amazing food for a medical facility!

    You are right, we don't ever advance if we don't get out of our comfort zone! It is another thing where your head needs to catch up with your body. The people listening to you are more than likely admiring you and thinking - ' she obviously has no problems with her weight' 'she is one of those effortlessly thin people!!!!

    1933 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    The Toastmaster's organization might be helpful on the public speaking. I'm great one-on-one but put me in front of a group, even if they are all familiar to me, I melt. Left the corporate world without making time for Toastmaster's but have seen others go from shrinking violets to enthusiastic, interesting speakers with the practice and encouragement offered by that organization. I did use one of the TM's organization books to help me when I was teaching classes on third-shift at the corporation (given to me by a coworker) along with taking a Public Speaking intro course at the local community college.
    PS - I genuinely believe there is such a thing as a shyness gene and it is abundant in our family tree! A desire to alter this can strongly influence this in the other direction with commitment (same dedication as Sparking successfully which you seem to do well at).

    1934 days ago
    Maybe you could put a request in for fruit. Maybe no one ever asked for it before. You could start a whole new way of thinking...especially with your cardiac nursing experience.

    1934 days ago
    Thats what makes it so hard to keep on track. The norm is pastries and donuts and rarely are there healthy snacks. I'm sure you did great in assisting the life support class. Old feelings die hard, but you have nothing to be worried about :)
    1934 days ago
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