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Am I skinny yet?!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Okay so I rarely blog twice in one day, but I'm feeling inspired (and guilty).

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS weather day in Tucson. So, I spent the day outside with the kiddo. Does anyone ever have those days where you feel like you've exercised SO much that the scale should show an immediate 5 lb loss? Today was totally one of those days. First we walked to the park (about 15 minutes away) and then she got to go play and burn off some energy. After about an hour, I started getting hungry, so we walked back home for some lunch. After that, we went back outside so she could ride her scooter. Which turned into racing, which meant about 2 hours of me jogging after her, around and around and around the apartment complex. Then she said her leg was getting tired, so I told her we could drop off the scooter back at the house. She still wanted to be outside though, so we went BACK out after leaving the scooter. Walking turned into jogging, then slightly faster running, then flat out RUNNING... Good news is, I can run pretty good. Bad news is, I'm EXHAUSTED. And starving. My legs hurt. But we spent a grand total of about 4 hours outside. Wow.

Which brings me to the feeling guilty part. I never take her outside to play. My own laziness has confined her to the house, and made her entertainment the TV. She loves to go outside, but.. I'm lazy. And we live in an apartment, so no backyard. So her getting out to exercise and play is dependant on me getting off my a**, which I'm really bad at doing. The Biggest Loser this season has 3 child ambassadors. The national average percent of children who are obese is scary. Now l, my kid is skinny. She's a tiny little thing. But what kind of parent am I for not taking her outside to play, and instead, turning the TV on for her. Knowing I've done that makes me feel awful. So my new goal for her is to take her outside for at least an hour a day, more if possible. Her 4th birthday is next month, and I'm planning to get her her very first bicycle. So that will definitely make me take her out more. Planning is key.

Okay, I'm done blabbing now. I'm tired and I think my legs are gonna fall off. Is it bedtime yet? Am I skinny yet?
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