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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Day 500 2/5/13
Guess I decided to do this thing after all, and it was kind of fun, looking through blogs, almost at random, that I’d written over the past 500 days since I joined Spark People, and plucking random thoughts out. Taken as a whole, it does give a decent glimpse into the trip so far.

Today started out at the gym for a bit of ultimate, running around with a bunch of high schoolers and feeling old, and it’ll continue with another visit to the gym, playing pickleball against a generally older bunch, feeling young. And isn’t that how it goes sometimes?

And for the record, the morning scale said 178.0 lbs.

Day 301 7/22/12
Not a huge walk, just a quick 10 minute jaunt, headed into the park a bit, listened to the frogs and other night time creatures sing their songs.

Day 72 12/6/11
…the scale in the men's locker room at the gym I belong to…that sucker has yet to admit I weigh less than 200 lbs

Day 156 2/28/12
Basketball last Thursday was a good time, until I jammed the same thumb I've been having issues with, not once but twice. The latter incident ended the night prematurely - when I got home, I grabbed a handful of wheat thins to eat, and realized that I wasn't quite able to grasp a cracker between the thumb and pinkie on that hand, as the thumb just didn't want to bend far enough to do that simple trick.

Day 442 12/10/12
Went to a concert last night and decided to get in on the crowd action rather than watching from the wings or balcony...now, the bands playing included Hatebreed, In Flames and Lamb of God, so the point of getting into the crowd was, in addition to having fun, to get what I call the heavy metal workout.

Day 365 9/24/12
Me, I'm down between 20-25 lbs. The initial goal was a 25 lb decrease, and I've woken up a couple of times at that mark, but I haven't managed to make it stick for three days yet, which is my marker for something that's real and not artifact. But I'm close.

Day 481 1/18/13
BLC21 dictates doing something I haven’t managed before this weekend, so I’ll try to drink 8 glasses of water for the next four days. Wish my bladder luck. It also dictates 20 minutes of cardio a day (easy enough), interacting with other member of my team (easy enough) and tracking every bit of food that passes betwixt my lipst. That’ll be a challenge. Maybe I should have just killed two birds with one stone trying to do that for the first phase, instead.

Day 217 4/29/12
The shopping today included picking up a cheap pedometer. Haven't figured out yet how to reset the darn thing, nor how to turn it off. I suppose I could rtfm (or pamphlet, as it were), but where's the fun in that? :)

Day 333 8/23/12
Took the summer off, essentially, and didn't eat myself into blimplivion, suppose that's a good thing. Then again, having time available to prep meals, and not feeling like eating out for being tired and not wanting to throw together something, that may well have been a good thing on the weight front

Day 42 11/6/11
Between March 2010 and October 2011, I, frankly, wasted the gym membership fees I was paying every month, maybe averaging a trip per month, certainly less than two. Some of that was the summer sessions of ultimate frisbee and softball. Some of that was just laziness. Actually, who am I kidding, most of that was laziness.

Day 95 12/29/11
So yeah, been feeling a bit down lately, despite just coming off a nice ten days vacation, getting to see a couple of fantastic concerts (why the exercise tracker doesn't have "mosh pit" as a cardio exercise, I don't understand, I get some of my best exercise mixing it up with the little kiddies at metal shows.

Day 129 2/1/12
And at two smileys for two paragraphs, I think you can tell that I'm in a bit of a good mood. Music does that to me, good music, especially, and my getting down and dirty...well, silly, anyway, after all, no one is watching...will definitely put a smile on my face.

Day 224 5/6/12
c) Early returns on Madison Craft Beer week: Not good for the scale. But I didn't expect it to be. Hopefully, the sum total of the week's transgression don't undo too much of the progress. Aware of it, and for the moment, not caring. Know what I need to do to reverse the damage thereafter, so just enjoying it for the tastes and the friends.

d) Hate when I lose the remote, and end up watching silly infomercials as a result. I don't need a Shark liftaway vacuum system! Though, I have to wonder whether the brazil butt lift system would work for guys. Yes, I've been randomly ignoring the TV for at least 40 minutes. I'd have turned it off by now if I knew which crack in the couch the remote had slipped into.

Day 400 10/29/12
But what's the point, eh? Let sleeping dogs be bygones, I should. But sometimes, in the best (worst?) Halloween tradition, the undead emotions rise and grab you as you go about, no matter how many lifetimes ago they seem to be from.

Day 272 6/23/12
Of course, by the time I got to Walgreen's, I remembered that a place called Ian's, one of those campus pizza joints that feature all sorts of different pizza slices, was a block away, and that I was hungry, having gone with an Asian pear and three slices of bacon for dinner (got busy and forgot to eat before heading out, not as part of any bacon-based diet). So I went and undid any walking good by pizza deliciousness. I went with the philly cheese steak pizza (topped with onions, green peppers, steak), eschewing the pesto portobello that I usually favor, and the buffalo chicken pizza that looked tempting too. This time around, they didn't have any mac and cheese pizza out, but the steak and fries slice also required a moment's consideration.

Day 460 12/28/12
In a similar vein, I'm not someone who sets any particular new year resolutions. I just figure, a) I'd just be setting myself up to fail, and b) I feel like there's nothing particularly special about the New year that demands resolutions must be set then, and at no other time of the year. A St Patrick's Day resolution made under the influence of green beer can be just as valid a motivator as one made under the last vestiges of yuletide cheer.

Day 119 1/22/12
I decided to go ahead and do it. It being venturing out in 35 degree temps, and playing ultimate frisbee outdoors. For two hours. On a lake. Lake Monona, to be exact, one of Madison's beautiful bodies of water, now frozen over, and, I guess, just another city park!

Day 337 8/27/12
The scale at home (Madison) said 180.0 before I left. It's not real, I'm not declaring any goal met or anything of the sort, but it's close. The scale at the parent's house when I got home (Michigan) said 188, after a 8.5 hour, traffic scarred journey. There was a stop at White Castle involved. There were approximate 40 ounces of pop imbibed, and some Cheetos crunched. I rather doubt I packed on a pound an hour during the day yesterday, even if sitting more or less stationary behind a wheel. But still, not having any other scale to contradict what I see...
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