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WI tomorrow- WTF did I do this weekend!?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Happy Tuesday! Whew- I'm already excited for the weekend. It's been a busy week= and my boss is back today after being gone all last week. Haha it was nice to be honest.

So it's been a normal week so far, nothing too exciting or too bad has happened. On Sunday me and BF hosted our first Super Bowl Party, and both sides of our friends were together for the first time! It was such a blast! I didn't worry too much about trying to make everyone talk, get along, or if they were having fun. I think everyone had a great time! We had lots of snacks, people brought some too. I really want my best friend to be more meshed with my life now that it's different. It seems like she's not trying that hard, but... well it's not my job to make her want to hang out or try.

I can definitely say that this week is WAY better than last week when it comes to my anxiety. I am not crying every day- I actually haven't sad cried since early last week. I have BF and best Friend asking me every day how I'm doing. I am slightly depressed I think, just a bit sad a lot. I am scheduled to meet with a councilor next week- my first time talking to anyone. I'm excited and nervous. I'm worried things will come up to make me really think about breaking up, or maybe I'll realize that he can't make me happy. The woman I chose seems around my age, and also does relationship counseling- so before anything happens with a breakup, we will have a session together to maybe learn some things we don't realize.

I've also been really focusing more on myself, things I want to do, and what I feel like doing. like spending dime designing, researching things I want to, reading etc... but basically taking some much deserved alone time to spend not worrying about anyone else and just being content with myself. It's been nice.

This weekend wasn't terrible for eating, but it definitely could have been better. Saturday I had an AMAZING me day. I got up early and did my scheduled 4mile run. Then I grabbed a 6" roast beef sub, hoovered it and went to meet my friend Rebecca. She had the amazing idea to go Snowshoeing out at a waterfowl preserve, they rent snowshoes for $4! It was 11 degrees outside so I bundled the hell up.

Now- I haven't been snowshoeing since I was like 16. But my dad always drug the family out to the cabin every weekend to do it, so I was totally okay! But after running 4 miles earlier... I was about done for come 1.5 miles. It took us 1.5 hours to finish 2 miles! I swear it felt like 4 miles, and it's tough on your hips and calves! I really had a blast though! Here are a couple of pictures from it:

After a beautiful day outside we went to a place where the chili is famous and had that, 3 beers and I got some amazing jalapeno poppers! SO I pretty much wiped the 1700 calories I burnt. But Hey- i felt like my soul was cleansed a little bit. I love being outside in the winter. And on the way I stopped and got Josh some flowers. FLOWERS you say? Yeah, Ive been wanting to get him something to show how much I really appreciate his help with everything and for being such a wonderful, caring man to me. He was speechless, it meant a LOT to him, I ALMOST might have made him mist up.

Sunday was a blast. I didn't stress too much about it, everything went amazingly smooth. I think everyone had fun, some people left early because they had a 40 minute drive. But everyone else stuck it out! I had probably 8 beers between 2-10, so one an hour about. And I snacked my heart out. I was stuffed for a long time! I also drank a few glasses of water too. Josh had a great time too- we put on a great party together!! I'm hoping that Sunday didn't put me back too far. OO also, I was way over on my WW points 2 days last week. So I definitely could have had a better week. I will be happy if I don't gain more than 2lbs. Well.. not happy, but not surprised haha.

Next weekend is going to be a big one! Josh and I are going up to a casino for his best friend's birthday. We're sharing a room with him and his wife the first night, then getting our own the second night. And in between then, drinking, eating, gambling, game playing, bingo etc!! This has bvecome an annual thing with his friends and I really am SO excited for it! Last year I didn't know everyone that well and now- really love his friends so it's gonna be a blast!! I took off on Friday specifically so that I don't need to have a 5 mile run on the weekend. I'll do my 5 miles Friday morning and be ready to go Friday night!

I'm running tonight again so tomorrow I can go to a concert with Josh and not be rushed to get back home to get ready after running :P So yay! I've got to do 4 miles today... yikes! Off tomorrow, 3 on Thursday and 5 on Friday! This is getting intense!! My shins/sides of my calves are STILL sore from snowshoeing. My legs were definitely weak yesterday. Hopefully I can manage to run at least 2 miles at a time tonight, wish me luck!!

Oh- here's a picture of my cat hijacking the remote after the Super Bowl. "You're done watching football"

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    So glad you had some much needed 'me time' and that your time together with the BF was so much fun. Hope the rest of your week has been just as nice!
    1897 days ago
    Krolls chili!!?? Jealous.. I wanted to let you know for the first time ever today my fitness tracker said my pace was considered a run/ jog rather than walk (even though its always felt like a run to me!).. you've really motivated me to try and learn to love the run along with the time I get to clear my head, think or just zone out. I'm thinking I might need a little bit more motivation to actually sign up for races though..
    1901 days ago
    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! And to be honest, you sound pretty happy in general. I hope that continues for you! I really want to try snowshoeing! Not sure if I am going to get to this winter/spring, but it is definitely on the list for next fall.
    1902 days ago
    Hahahaha love the look on your cat's face. Like "Humans, stop yelling, you're done."

    I am SO glad you are seeing a counselor girly! Don't be ashamed or scared or hold anything back. The non-connected third party perspective can be so helpful. I think you'll learn alot about yourself, which is always a good thing right?!

    Snowshoeing, while looking beautiful, also looks HARD. You're a beast! Running and then trekking?!

    Good luck and hope the rest of your week is fabulous!
    1902 days ago
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