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Three Words - Deja Vu All Over Again

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A while ago, I asked my Spark Buddies to help me reply to an email interview question that asked me to describe myself in "three words". At the time, the three words that I chose (and there were lots of wonderful replies) were flexible, approachable and consistent. Unfortunately, the three words didn't help me get an interview. too many highly qualified candidates.

So, last week, I'm combing through the job listings and see a posting from a very famous Boston company. It's a job I could do, but don't quite have all the qualifications they want. I probably will never ever hear back, but figure why not apply ? can't hurt to try. That was last week. Flash forward to Saturday and I'm reading my email. There's a message from the company !!! It starts... thank you for your interest, but we have already selected other candidates. oh well... I keep reading. there is a HOWEVER. Would I be interested in a different position being offered ? The reply ? HELL YEAH !

Checked out the website and it's pretty close to perfect. Of the listing of qualifications and skills they are looking for, I probably have 10 out of 12.

So, yesterday, I had my 15-20 minute phone interview with one of their HR people. They said they had a few questions. Some were job related. Others made my heart sink. What are three words that describe you ? Okay, I know the answer. However, do I really need three words to describe myself for the chance at a job interview ? I was asked what my strengths were. I was asked what would my supervisor say is a weakness ?

I understand that they probably received a million billion resumes, but is this how they sort them out ? It's the SATs all over again ! I loathe the SATs because I never felt they showed what I could and couldn't do. All the SATs show are how good you are at taking the SATs. Which is the same way I feel about questions like "Describe yourself in three words". I appreciate these folks have to sort through the applicants some how. but there has to be a better way of determining who will and won't be a good fit for the position. sigh.

So, what were my three words this time around ? The three words were reliable, competent and diligent. I forgot about flexible. ;)

The HR person said they should be making a decision in about a week. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get this job. working for this company would qualify as a dream job. Mind you, it's not my real dream job. My real dream job is doing what Rick Steve's does. But that ain't happening any time soon. LOL !!!

This IT position would be pretty close to perfect if I can get it. But first, I have to hope they like my resume and my replies to their questions.

I've also been working with a couple of recruiters. can't hurt to see what they turn up. I'd rather have a full time job with benefits. The problem ? Not a whole lot of those out there. So, I have been considering contract to hire jobs too.

It's tough to stay positive, but in some ways I am thrilled this company did contact me. The question is whether or not they will hire me !!

Positive thoughts everyone !!

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