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hypothetically speaking

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What is it with someone who SAYS they want to lose weight, who has changed their whole life to do that, who has a great day of eating and exercise and then would make the choice to have not just one but TWO peices of cake?

And With the full knowledge of what he/she was doing and ate white cake and then balanced it out with chocolate cake?

Then this person, expecting some sort of miracle, would step on a scale after eating crap for 3 days and be surprised that the scale showed a 5 pound gain?

What would you say to someone like that?

I have no advice for me, I mean,someone like that
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    that's simple...
    if it were ME, i'd get all disappointed in myself and crab and...

    BUT, if it were a daughter or young girl that i knew who was trying hard and needed encouragement rather than derision, i would say that everyday is a new one...did you like how you felt after you ate the cake? is there something you could have done to avoid it? is there an alternative that will work as well for a craving with, perhaps, fewer calories? it the end of the world that you tripped for a couple of desserts? and i would tell her, "honey, if you stop worrying about every little misstep, you are less likely to get that old cortisal(cortisol?) type of fat that is built up to protect your organs if you suffer from too much stress...our bodies GET IT if we need a buffer ... and it GETS IT if we are more calm" and i might even suggest to that daughter to lay off the scale for a week (or 2) and just work on following your gameplan...without over-stressing on any step off the path, just correcting your next step...

    and, then again, if it were ME, maybe i'd try to treat myself a little more gently AS IF i were that daughter or young girl who would appreciate the judgment-free encouragement

    i think THAT'S what i'd say to someone like that... emoticon
    1933 days ago
    I would say, it happen I suppose. Small steps and find what you are ready for. Treadmill is my thing, for quite some time now but food is what is making teh difference, which I find quite irritating really because I never ate much to begin with. Opps venting when I am supposed to be supporting.

    1933 days ago
    Been there, done that and I don't have a good excuse either. I just never give least not completely. :)
    1936 days ago
    I would say your friend had a moment. Maybe the moment had more to it, maybe it didn't. But is is just a moment. It does not have any more power than she wants it to.
    1936 days ago
    I think you missed the point. Balance. Balance is good. Two pieces of white or chocolate would have been horrible, but balancing one against the other, chocolate and non-chocolate, makes it way better! Now, if those cakes were on sale, well, thats even better, we all know half off applies to price and calories.

    Seriously though, it must mean that you, I mean your friend, is human, which surprises me!

    Okay, give me 20 pushups and 10 laps!
    1936 days ago
    I would tell him/her the same thing I say to myself when I snarf down a large bag of M&M's right after a run a 5k... "meh..." I'm not perfect, I don't do it all the time, and honestly... If I don't give in once in a while, I wouldn't stop with the M&M's... I'd pile on chips and maybe even hunt down the ever elusive pizza man. Forgive and move on. Feeling bad, and beating yourself, er, I mean him/herself up about it, doesn't change the fact that it's been done. You can't put it back now!
    1936 days ago
    give "her" a hug and tell her today is a new day.
    1936 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    Girl, I do the EXACT SAME THING. It really is the most annoying thing. There have been times when I’ve been SERIOUSLY surprised by it! Ridiculous.

    You have now acknowledged what you did, but now you correct it by eating right/exercising. You can do this, DO NOT GIVE UP.

    1936 days ago
    Jan, I don't know. I don't know why you do it and I don't know what to say, but I for one get tired of the "you can do it" platitudes. You are one of the most big-hearted and joyous people I've ever known, but you have suffered too. There is a dark side, and it's getting in your way. If you don't know the answer, it seems like therapy might be helpful right now. Your menopause hormones make everything crazy too! I mean, hypothetically-speaking.

    1936 days ago
    Keep getting up every morning and starting over. I am proof that if you keep starting over every day you will quit doing some of that over a period of time.

    I am 3 weeks into actually eating and exercising. I did cheat this weekend for the superbowl, but got right back on track on Monday.

    Give yourself a break and just start again. I was told to forgive myself and lighten up. That was some of the best advise I have been given.

    1936 days ago
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