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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

8:05 AM 2/5/2013
Good Morning God .. wow still here .. we look forward to you coming .. I had a person post that we are in Tribulation .. well not even gonna open that can of worms .. But as for
me im going out on the first load as Jesse Duplntis always says heheh . what a pretty sun rise . you created such beautiful things God .. please help us to slow down some in
this fast paced World we live in and look . The trees .. The sky .. the stars .. the moon .. The sun .. The birds the Flowers oh the beauty of it all . I look at each one of
us and I see the way you created us all different .. even Twins . there are things that set them apart from each other .. and the way you made our Body wow . If we would take
care of it we get new organs every seven years .. how is that so well done only you could do that . I have never seen a angel with wings but I know they must be so pretty .
unique .. you the creator of all things ... I know there was a time in my past I wondered as the people said there is no god . I had to look around and say then how .. I wont
got with a monkey theory .. then I asked you to show me you are real .. and we started to talk even before I excepted you no .. not in a audible Voice .. but in a knowing ..
how can I tell someone you are real.. hmm . You have been there so many times .. now it is easy .. then I was just wondering .. I know we each have to choose .. That is the
right you have given us all.. For me its easy .. I choose you .. If they don't want to believe there is no way I would try to make anyone as you made us all to have free wills
But oh how I love you .. oh how I love you .. Each day you show yourself .. last night when Tyler my grandsons fever kept Climbing and I started to pray .. and asked a lot
of my close brothers and sisters .. to pray it was 102.9 and climbing .. and we started to pray the parents are not where we are so my son in law demanded they take him to
the er and we prayed and when they took his temp it was 99.6 and I know when he gets up this am he will be fine .. You have been there so many other times .. When Nikki my
daughter was dead and I prayed and shes alive .. and well ,, nothing wrong .. When my Son fell off my horse long story my husband of the time was with him and caved the whole
back in of his head in and I prayed and I stood in the waiting room alone ... and I was talking to you and you said Betty he will be alright and I had the calming .. peace
come over me that only you can give .. and the doctor came out and told me that it had missed his brain by a hair .. Or when .. I was running in the hospital and they told
me my son would die he had a blood clot in his lung and he was trying to breathe and I ran to the chapel in the hospital and I got mad at the devil and I declared and decreed
he will not die .. he will live and he lives .. Oh God I could talk of you all day .. the day a woman at our church had cancer you healed her .. you are the only way for me
not just because of that but when I went thru my divorce and I was all alone I had worked in my church door knocked taken people to get food did all kinds of things and nobody
was there for me but you .. I asked them I had nothing i asked them to just look for me furniture and they were to busy .. yes its always been you for me.. I have learned men fall short
we all do .. like when Jesus was in the Garden and he asked them to pray with him . and they all went to sleep .. there is no love like you and never will be in men .. But
you still love us .. oh how you love us .. I love to read the Hebrews 11 they call it the Faith chapter .. it builds my Faith .. there are so many wonderful men and women
of God but we all fall short no matter how hard we try .. I keep my eyes on you .. it is what the word says.. For me there is none like you .. .. If you don't
have that kind of love in your life .. ask Jesus to come into yours .. he will never leave you or forsake you .. he will be there in times of troubles .. oh we try as men
and women of God but we just are not him .. look to him .. he will see you through .. if you are hurting today turn to him .. seek him .. if you have known him and you are
not on fire with his love and telling the gospel just ask him back to take that step you will never be sorry .. one day .. soon .. this fight between the 2 God verses satan
will be over .. and We will be living the real Good life .. just being with him .. oh how I long for that day .. when I don't have to see hurting people when you look around
and everyone is well and happy .. well all I can say is you will never be sorry .. you are Blessed and lets be a Blessing to someone today ... love you your sis in Christ Betty


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