If wishing could make weight go away...

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Today I realized that my nearly daily "spinning of the spark wheel" hasn't actually helped me lose weight. I think that somewhere in the back of my subconcious I believed that when that MAGICAL spinner landed on a number, THAT amount of pounds would magically melt away. It didn't...I'm not sure why it isn't working, but it really isn't. Apparently I need to do MORE than click the mouse that makes the wheel spin. So I am clicking away on water, sleep, workouts...which unfortunately only happen once or twice a week...and no, that clicking doesn't seem to effect my weightloss either. I'm puzzled.

SO, I've decided that after I spin the magical fat melting wheel, I will DO that number of exercises right here at work...jumping jacks, squats, etc.. This morning I did 5 pushups. I wish there were an easier way, but I guess there isn't. I'll be back tomorrow to spin the wheel...and maybe, just maybe, my wish will come true! Wish me luck!
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  • UZA77777
    You wrote: Today I realized that my nearly daily "spinning of the spark wheel" hasn't actually helped me lose weight.

    What an excellent opening line, and so true! Although the simple task of regularly logging into SP is a first step. It took me a long time to move from Point A (wishful thinking and daydreaming) to Point B (actually taking the steps necessary). And I'm only on the beginning of this leg of the journey... a month now? Maybe six weeks. But new either way.

    Good for you! (and for me)
    1897 days ago
  • MYRTLE811
    Nice idea; I may try it for myself. How wonderful it would be to spin the weight loss wheel and shed those pounds. Nice fantasy; it kept me smiling for a while. then, back to the hard work again.
    1909 days ago
    Great idea. Another way to get some working out in.
    1919 days ago
    Thankz! U had me look at it in a new way.
    1921 days ago
    Thank you all for your positive posts!
    This weekend I was stuck in my house...because of the Blizzard of 2013! Problem is...I knew the blizzard was coming so I prepared...sugar free hot cocoa, yummy snacks...and yes, a package of marshmallows for the cocoa. Unfortunately I lost power at 9:30 pm on Friday and couldn't heat up water...or open the fridge because I didn't want to lose all my cold which would increase the chance of losing all the food. So, the things I had to eat...well, there WAS that bag of marshmallows! Yes, you guessed it, I ate the entire bag in three days. Lord help me...I hope I worked some of it off shoveling out my car! We got over two feet of snow, and let me tell you...all that shoveling was no small feat...pun intended. emoticon
    1925 days ago
    Hello Yeobabe. just finished reading your blog. don't get discouraged. Help is never that far away. There are millions of beautiful people just like you who jump into a diet by skipping step 1. When you skip step 1 the foundation of your weight loss becomes unbalanced, hence slow results and a decline in your confidence level. In 2011 i lost 70 lbs in less than 5 months with no exercise. There's nothing wrong with you. The only problem is your strategy. i can remote control my own weight anyway i want. i just got finished losing 15 lbs in a week and a half. piece of cake! it's all about awareness. it's about WHAT you are. Who you are, what job you have or what OTHERS are saying and doing is irrelevant. your body doesn't understand that. Age is not a factor either. i helped my 60 year old mother lose 30 pounds like it was nothing...and she cheated like a fiend! YOU are divine! You're naturally designed that way. Your body is a ferrari. don't be afraid to drive it more than 30 mph. BE your own president! Your body is DYING to return to normal or to a better state. It will do amazing things if you understand how to get out of your own way. Love life! Have a glorious, logical day!

    1926 days ago
    What a great idea. And you are correct. There is no magic pill.
    1927 days ago
    I like the idea of using the spin number as a starting point for exercises. Inspired :)
    1927 days ago
    It takes consistent hard work with tracking food and 4 workouts a week. You CAN do it!
    1927 days ago
    Great point. Losing weight is hard and I am sure you are caught in a world of too much work and not enough time.
    1931 days ago
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