Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Yesterday I met with two of our physical fitness & lifetime sports faculty to conduct Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR). I was talking with them last week and mentioned I've been on a plateau and was interested in knowing if I was consuming the appropriate number of calories. This is something they're planning to offer to the campus community as part of an initiative through our wellness committee. Since I inquired, they were happy to have me come in for a run through.

A RMR test will...

* Determine your resting metabolic rate; the number of calories you would utilize if you sat in a chair all day. This test is highly accurate and uses the same technology utilized in hospitals.

* Your RMR is used to calculate how much you will burn by daily activities such as walking, eating, or driving.

* RMR is used to calculate how many calories you burn during moderate exercise.

* We then set caloric “zones.” These include the maximum calories you may consume for weight loss, weight maintenance zone, and medically supervised zone. You will learn to eat to your metabolism!

(I found the above information on the web, but it coincides with our conversation).

They had me lay down (completely flat) and put a clip over my nose that would force me to breathe through my mouth. I then inserted a mouthpiece which was attached to a tube which connected to a machine. For 12-14 minutes, I just remained still and breathed completely through the mouthpiece into the machine. I also provided them with two days of complete tracking (a good day and a not so good day).

Tomorrow I'll be undergoing Vo2 Sub Max Testing which will reveal the exercise level that will optimize my ability to burn fat or to increase cardio strength. Stay tuned, will blog about it, as well as the results to both tests.

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