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My Cold Came From Israel

Monday, February 04, 2013

My cheeks hurt.
From fake smiling emoticon for about 10 minutes.
SparkPeople should add that to the list of workouts because it's exhausting!

His name is Ben.
The original host of the cold I had the latter part of January.
Apparently my boss' family came over for the holidays [and then some].
With them came a cold virus, in Ben.

I was getting in for my second work
shift and there he stood, by the receptionist desk.
An older gentleman.
Are you here to see the boss? I asked.
He stared at me with a look that told me he was translating my sentence in his head.
Yes, is he not here? He asked.
I walked the warehouse floor and checked his office, came back to Ben and told him he wasn't.
I'll give him a call.
I'll be in the next room if you need anything.
He nodded and shooed me away with his hand.

A few minutes later he was at the doorway.
My name is Ben, who are you?
I tell him my name.
He repeats it and mumbles some gibberish.
This is where the fake smiling began. emoticon
You don't speak Hebrew?
No, I don't.
But your name, it's a Hebrew name!
Really? Still fake smiling. emoticon [Because my previous boss was Egyptian, he claimed my name was Arabic.]
Yes, you don't know this.
No, I'm Mexican. Still smiling. emoticon
Mexican? Who named you?
My father. Trying not to let my smile fade. emoticon
Where did he get the name from?
[Probably some whore he knew.] I don't know. Still fake smiling. emoticon [How did I get trapped in this interrogation!]
My boss walks in and Ben says my name and something in Hebrew.
My boss says no, no, she speaks English.
He pulls him out the door.
My face is relieved it can relax!

I went on with my work and about 15 minutes later Ben is in front of me again.
Fake smile resumed. emoticon
You remind me of someone back in Israel.
Someone nice I hope?
He laughs, turns to my boss and says something in Hebrew.
My boss says my name, something in Hebrew, then the boyfriends' name.
Ben is surprised and says something else in Hebrew.
[The boyfriend and I have Hebrew names. What are the odds?]
You were not here when I came last month, I had a terrible cold, I would not have said hello.
Still fake smiling. emoticon [If I knew you came by with a cold I would have wiped everything down with alcohol!]
They make their coffees and leave.
Face relaxed once again.

About an hour later, Ben is in front of me again.
Resumed fake smiling. emoticon
Goodbye, it was nice meeting you.
Nice to meet you, Ben. Have a good one. [Thanks for the miserable cold.]
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