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Monday, February 04, 2013

Back a few years ago we had our pick up truck stolen from under our carport right by our bedroom window. We had some wood working equipment in the back. We were told that we would probably never recover the truck and the sheriff's department at that time was in the midst of changing to a new sheriff and deputies so they really didn't do much to try to find it. Finally after about 2 weeks (after we had bought a new truck) a local hunter found our truck stuck on a stump on an old wood road. A friend of mine whose family owns a wrecker service retrieved it and brought it back to us none the worse for wear but minus the wood working equipment.

Then about a year ago someone came to the back of our property where the road ends at our property line and stole the entire gas tank off our boat. Cost a little to replace the tank..then about a week ago someone stole a can of mixed gas for our log splitter..Now it wasn't that much but the thing is if someone was that hard up for gasoline, they could have knocked on our door and asked for some and we would have gladly given it to them but to outright steal things. Well today hubby found our fiberglass step ladder, a metal stand he uses for his planer, an old window air conditioner and an old grinder were missing. So while I was at the art guild meeting today, he called the sheriff's deparment and they sent out a deputy. Hubby told them he was putting up game cameras to find out who was stealing from us..strangely they left no foot prints or car tracks as we had rain right before these things came up missing so there should have been tracks..so we are thinking they are coming through the woods (we live in a national forest area)..we thought at first it was some men who lived on the road behind us but the deputy said they had been in jail for 2 weeks so it couldn't have been them so thinking it is another new neighbor who is doing this. We are on neighborhood watch but that doesn't deter them from stealing. We think mainly since most was metal things they took this time that they are selling for scrap metal..We are now doing evening, night and early morning rounds and the cameras will be installed tomorrow afternoon. So much for feeling save in the country..wonder if Armed and dangerous means anything to anyone anymore.
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