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Monday, February 04, 2013

Blog title courtesy of the fact that peeking at how many days I've run my water streak up to revealed that I've been on Spark 499 days. Now, if I had more wherewithal, I'd be going over my blog posts and picking and choosing snippets, and ordering them in a chronological mishmash, a la the flick (500) days of summer, which you really need to see if you haven't. But since I'm having an attack of the lazies, I'll just be satisfied with coming up with (or at the least, stealing) the idea, and let it go at that.

Another movie flitted across my consciousness the other day, the flick Pleasantville, where Spider Man watches color infiltrate a black and white world. The ever fertile (or if you'd rather, febrile) brain morphed that into Plateauville, a colorless world that I've more or less been inhabitating for the past two or three months. I guess there's been some movement on the scale here and there, but as expounded upon in previous blogs, the same territory gets hacked through, the weeds of weight growing thick in the mere weeks since last I waded through the same terrain.

One thing I'm cognizant of is the fact that I seem to have lost the easy weight, and the same diet and exercise tricks might not work to eliminate the next 20 pounds. It's an annoying thought because I really have been going to the gym regularly enough since about November, and the diet hasn't been that bad (with occasional exceptions, like the Super Bowl pizza feast last night), engendering that little voice inside my head that worries about gaining weight back, in a form more permanent than a mere salt baby. And yes, I'm totally stealing that term, despite the impossibility of ever getting pregnant as a male or our species.

Just recording the existence of the voice for posterity. Maybe I'll look back in another 500 days and cry about its persistence. Or maybe I'll laugh at it, while being serenaded by the fully colorful denizens the next town past Plateauville.
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