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Burn Shoulders Burn

Monday, February 04, 2013

I haven't been blogging about my workouts... and I picked a fine damn night to do it because my arms are literally shaking so hard I'm having trouble drinking my water, seriously. I had a great workout.

I warmed up, then started off with a classic Bodyrock, one of my very favorites and a very special one to me because it was the first Bodyrock I ever did and it got me hooked on high intensity workouts. It's called Transform Your Booty and goes a little something like this.

10/30s intervals

Squats (I used my 20 lb kettlebell)
Jump rope (I used my weighted rope)

My scores:
Squats: 17-14-14-13-10-14-10-13-12
Jump Rope: 75-80-68-71-73-70-61-64-76

This was of course intensity in ten cities. I was pouring sweat and it is only 30 degrees outside. I want to say that the first time I did this workout my scores were about half those- and I didn't use any weight on the squats.

Then I did a shoulder workout from The Angry Trainer that I did last Sunday and really, really loved. It burned for days after. It doesn't have a name, but I named it after a friend of mine who sometimes gets teased for her "huge man shoulders". I love her shoulders. I want them. And that's why I named this workout Heather.


25 decline pushups

5 sets of 10 push presses (I used 15 lb dumbbells)
-rest 60 seconds between sets

5 sets of 10 sumo deadlift high pulls (I used my 20 lb kettlebells)
-rest 60 seconds between sets

3 sets of T-planks each side

25 decline pushups

I'd love to type more but I've had just about enough of this. Night night.*shakeshakeshakeshakesha

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