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A Non-Scale Victory...and Makeup!

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Monday, February 04, 2013

Today is day 38 of my current "on track" streak!

I actually started streaking last March. As the weight and inches have come off, I am starting to see a little bit of a figure. Before, I felt like I looked like a big round beach ball. Now I think I look like a woman again, and it feels great.

Before I got on track last March, my life was a circle; low self esteem would lead to binge eating....binge eating would lead to more low self esteem...more low self esteem would lead to more binging, and on and on.

How did I get out of that stupid, self hating and self destructive circle? Well, I just decided to TRY. Instead of saying "I can't do it" or "Its too hard to lose weight" or "I have so much weight to lose, it will take me forever", I started saying POSITIVE things to myself.

I said "It will take me a long time to reach my goal, but I can make lots of progress along the way if I just get started."

I said "I won't think about weight...I will just think about getting HEALTHY."

I said "I can do anything if I'm willing to work for it."

So on March 1, 2013, I started streaking. My streak consisted of just doing my best every day to be as healthy as possible. It was not about being perfect, because that is just unattainable. But as long as I was putting forth my best effort each day (and accepting that some days would be better than others), I knew I would make progress. My first streak lasted 290 days before I had a little binge. But I just started a new streak right away, and my second streak lasted 13 days. Once again, I binged, but I just picked myself up and got right back on track.

I've been at a plateau since September but it has not discouraged me very much. I just keep going like the Energizer Bunny! I am making progress in all sorts of ways, and I get to celebrate Non-Scale Victories all the time. For example, yesterday morning when I put my robe on, hubby said "Look how much that robe wraps around you." Well, until he pointed it out, I just hadn't even noticed! That robe used to be so tight on me that it didn't close all the way in the front. Now it wraps around me like a blanket! That was an NSV that just sneaked up on me, lol.

Now that I'm looking and feeling like a woman again, I decided to start treating myself like one! I want to start wearing earrings and makeup again...its been years since I've done that! So I got my old jewelry box out of the spare bedroom closet. Guess what? I only have 2 pairs of earrings, and they are big plastic looking ones from the 80's! So I will NOT be wearing them, they look a little ridiculous and costume-ish now! (Although seeing them brought back some nostalgia. I spent an hour listening to some Ratt and Skid Row, lol.)

On Sunday I went to CVS to get some makeup. Wow, there was a LOT of makeup to choose from! How on earth can you decide what to buy when there are so many choices? It was a bit too much for me. So I decided to start with nail polish. Lots and lots of colors there but I knew pretty much what color I wanted, a pale rose. I found a color I liked, and got a clear top coat (thanks to my Sparkfriend Dee who suggested that.) Then I remembered that a couple of my Sparkfriends had recommended that I get something called BB Cream. I found that and added it to my basket, along with some cosmetic sponges, cotton balls and nail polish remover. Then on to mascara. I got the one in the pink and green tube, because that stuff has been around for decades (I wore it as a teenager in the 70's) so it must be good!

Next was eye shadow. I wasn't so sure I should bother with that, but there was some on clearance so I got a little case with 3 different shades of brown. Not sure if that is right for me, but since it was so cheap, it won't be a huge waste of money if I never use it. Next was lip gloss, and that was really hard! I mean, I don't want to look made up, I just want to look kind of natural. So I got a real pale shade of pink but now I think thats wrong. Oh well, it was the cheapest brand they had so I can't feel too bad about it.

While hubby and I watched the Super Bowl last night, I polished my nails...even my toenails! I have really short fingernails, and I won't be growing them. Taking care of the house and my adult son who has autism means that long nails are not practical. But even short nails look pretty and feminine with a little polish on them!

Getting ready to go to the store to get freggies. So I will go put on a little BB Cream and mascara and lip gloss.

Have a healthy week, Sparkfriends!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Earrings - as your neck slims you'll love them more and more. I remember the day I could wear dangling earrings again and how chic they made me feel. It's a NSV that's still with me, years later. I can't wait to hear (and see?) what earrings you've chose.
    1958 days ago
    Great post! How did you feel after putting on your make up and painting your nails? I love the "your dreams are calling" quote! Thanks for posting it!
    1958 days ago
    good job doing things that make you feel beautiful!
    1958 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1958 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1958 days ago
    A great blog with a great message. I'm happy I came across it. You've made some amazing changes! Thanks for sharing.
    1958 days ago
    1958 days ago
    Wonderful. Keep it up.
    1958 days ago
    Good for you for doing something nice for yourself! We can all use a little pampering every now and then.
    1958 days ago
  • NCSUE0514
    1958 days ago
    1958 days ago
    Now Pixie I am so proud of you. I want to see a picture of you all made up. Our church President, some years ago,was once asked by a member of the church if he thought it was OK for women to wear makeup. He smiled and said, "Even a barn looks better with a little paint on it". I had to laugh. I really do look better with a little paint on me. And in fact I like myself better when I look better. Thanks for this blog. A great one my dear.
    1958 days ago
    emoticon !!! BEAUTIFUL YOU AND BEAUTIFUL NAILS!!! emoticon

    1958 days ago
    emoticon for NSV's!! Have fun pampering yourself! You deserve it! emoticon
    1959 days ago
  • AME4IT
    i couldnt help but giggle while reading this blog. i can just picture your experience in CVS. i'm SO glad you 'spoiled' yourself. and, YAY, for nsv's!!!
    1959 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Enjoy yourself-youdeserve it!!
    1959 days ago
    You look beautiful! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
    Very good. And dont' worry about the plateau. I've been on one for the longest time as well, but I'm not giving up.
    1959 days ago
    Loved this blog! Oh, and apparently a whole lot of spark people love YOU - I mean, good grief, Pixie, I had to scroll down about 5000 comments to get to the blank space where I could leave my own! emoticon

    Hey, we have something in common - I just started wearing earrings again this past weekend! Funny how losing pounds, even though our earlobes probably were never all that overweight, can make a person want to go back to those small, but oh so important self esteem lifting things that we once felt unworthy of of using anymore.

    I buy my earrings on SALE at some of the good department stores - costume jewellery, I guess it's called - Cheap & shiny, yet to the untrained eye, sometimes quite expensive looking. emoticon

    Anyway, keep treating yourself to those things that leave you glowing. I swear I can see your 'light' from here! emoticon
    1959 days ago
  • L1ZB3TH354
    1959 days ago
    Glad you enjoy your make up shopping at CVS. Just for your info..make sure to join there make up club. Each time you shop make up stuff @ CVS I think it was when you spend $20- you'll get discount on them. And make sur you use CVS care card each time you shop and look for extra care money. I believe when you spend on $50- you get $ 10 back. Something like that.. Now you've got a girly stuff. And Valentines day is around corner, You need to plan and have a Hot Date with your hubby. Enjoy!! (*^^*)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
    Pixie, that is so great!!! I'm proud of you for giving yourself the nail polish and make-up. You deserve it!!! I wear the same mascara; been wearing it for as long as I can remember. Once you get all dolled up, you need to have hubby take a picture of you. Keep up the great work!!!


    1959 days ago
    Good for you!! How wonderful to feel so good about yourself again!!
    1959 days ago
    Really happy for you Pixie :) losing 71 lbs is amazing !! Keep up the great work, you are such an inspiration !

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Sounds like you had so much fun shopping for your nail polish and make-up. I use L'Oreal makeup too as I have sensitive skin. I like the Bare Natural/True Match Natural powdered foundation and blush. It's light and looks very natural. I wear lip gloss too because I don't want to look made up.

    Great non-scale victory with the robe!! That's such a great feeling! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
    So happy for you. LOL I said I need some new foundation and such mine is old. Hubby said yea but you could use a new bra more. LOL AHAHA. Too funny.
    Glad that you got some stuff, have fun playing with it all! And I too don't want to look made up.
    Thanks to you and progress not perfection I have done well past few days, with today being my best so far.
    YOU ROCK!!!
    1959 days ago
    What a fun Blog.

    I've gotten bad about makeup. I usually run errands without anything. I do wear a bit of makeup when I meet someone for lunch or go out with hubby. Only eyeliner, mascara and a bit of foundation. I keep my toenails polished, but with housework and cooking I almost never due my nails. I like to change up my nail color with the seasons. Bright pink for spring and summer and dark colors (eggplant or purple) for fall and winter.

    Enjoy your new makeup, Pixie!!

    Big Hugs,

    Jane emoticon
    1959 days ago
    emoticon you did it
    I am so happy for you. I will get out to morrow.

    HUgs Mary
    1959 days ago
    Woohoo! How exciting! And short nails are IN. Your shopping excursion sounds like fun, and you made some great choices. Have fun playing and experimenting and...enjoy being a girl...!
    1959 days ago
    You sound happy and that's always a good thing!

    Karen emoticon
    1959 days ago
    You are a wonderful inspiration and my role model. I am following your example and focusing on getting healthy by eating right and exercising - and by focusing on NSV, not on the number on the scale. Keep up the good work! Now how about a pix of those pretty nails? emoticon
    1959 days ago
    Have fun with the nail polish and make-up. It's all part of loving ourselves, and we are more successful when we love ourselves. Have a great week.
    1959 days ago
    1959 days ago
    NSV!!!! are fabulous!!!!
    i am allll about healthy healthy healthy!!! i've never cared a hoot about fitting into skinny jeans.

    my usual make up is mascara, chapstick and finger nail polish those are my constants for years.
    right after i moved abroad i went to buy mascara. i about fell over when i saw the prices of make up at just any regular store.
    great lash pink/green tube.... 15 euros... that's about $20. and that was a cheaper brand. most are 25-30 euros for our usual drug store brands from home. i was so mad i didn't buy any.

    a few weeks later pink/green tube went on sale for 12e but had to buy 2. what a bargain... it's my brand of choice again when i hit a sale! before that it had been 25+ years since i wore that brand. still good stuff but i want to pay no more that $5 for it. hahaha
    have a healthy day! xx
    1959 days ago
  • DALID414
    Yay! Glad you got yourself dolled up! And yes, even short nails look better with a little polish. emoticon
    So happy for you Pixie!!
    1959 days ago
  • KITT52
    loving your self is healthy, making you feel better about your appearance is a huge step in the happy and healthy direction....

    have a healthy day
    1959 days ago
    I used to wear the pink and green mascara too! Glad to hear it's still around
    1959 days ago
    1959 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1959 days ago
    You are soooooo inspiring!
    1959 days ago
    Is this the girl hubby married or someone new?
    Happiness like smiles must be contagious too. I think I caught it from reading your blog :)
    I'm excited for you. Enjoy.

    ps. emoticon the posters you create.
    1959 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/4/2013 1:27:22 PM
    Pixie you are doing the right thing all along...by pampering yourself you show that you are worth everything that you work so hard for emoticon beautiful lady! emoticon
    1959 days ago
    I wish I could ditch the scale for a month and see how I do.
    I love that youfocus on the healthy part & not on the skinny part.
    Way to go Pixie. Love ya
    1959 days ago
    Good for you! I feel naked if I don't have earrings in everyday. Also, there's something about getting new make-up that just makes you feel special. Enjoy!!
    1959 days ago
    Pixie, Whether or not you choose to wear make up, is up to you, but I think that you are one of the most incredible women that I know. Jewelry can be fun and I also have some of those plastic earrings from the 80s that I thought was so cool. Oh well, maybe somebody will buy them in a garage sale. Enjoy experimenting with your new make up. emoticon
    1959 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Sounds like you have a great starter kit for the makeup. Don't forget to get a good moisturizer for day and night...makeup looks so much better. I am so happy for you because I can identify....for me it was not wearing my nicest clothes...for months I would fall back on same brown cords and a black turtleneck before that just a striped long sleeve Tshirt ( summer). The good clothes ( of which I have many that don't all fit) are for when I lose weight and look good....warped logic that when it gets a foothold is hard to shake...but we are worth it! emoticon
    1959 days ago
    A very inspiring and motivating blog. Thank you for sharing. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
    I am so excited for you! You make me feel like even I can do it! I have lost a lot of weight but lately I have had some depression and my enthusiasm has been waning. You are the sweetest! Enjoy your new look!
    Lots of love, Karen
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1959 days ago
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