5 Things NO ONE Said To Me About Weight Loss

Monday, February 04, 2013

Unlike the quote, often times in my life, I like to have it all figured out and then I proceed from there. I think knowing what I'm getting myself into is one of the key ways of determining if I truly want to get myself into it or not. Many people are like this often. They want all the information before getting involved because the decision to get involved could be swayed by that which is revealed. However, I must say that by me not knowing some things prior to beginning a healthier lifestyle, I was able to benefit even more from making the change. Therefore, here is a list of the 5 things NO ONE said to me about weight loss.

1. THERE WILL BE PAIN AND OTHER SYMPTOMS THAT MIMICS OTHER, POSSIBLY SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES. Now, I know about the old adage "no pain, no gain", but there are some pains that begs one to question if what they are doing is truly worth the effort. For instance, when I first started working out, I would have pain in my upper chest (around the collarbone) and in my upper arms and numbness or tingling in my fingers. If anyone googles, searches webmd or even ask a friend, most likely the first thing that would come up isn't exercised-induced issues but rather something dealing with the heart or any other major organ. I remember calling the doctor and scheduling an appointment and praying to be able to make it to the doctor's office. Funny thing is he told me that it was all exercise-induced and to keep working out. Now I say this not to discourage a person from seeing their health provider if there is a problem or to satisfy the mind as to whether or not there is a problem, but rather to say there will be pain and there will be times where the body will mimic symptoms of dis-ease. Keep an eye out on them and visit a health provider if the problem persists longer than the normal healing time.

2. THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS, ONE WILL CHANGE MORE THAN JUST THEIR WEIGHT. This is a big one that I didn't have a clue about until I went to a holistic nutritionist who told me I had to give up some things in life to get what I desired. She told me I had to give up certain traditions (when dealing with food), particular thoughts and my thoughts and views about the stresses in my life. When I asked why and what do they have to do with me losing weight, she said, "because how you deal with your thoughts, stresses and traditions determines what you do on the scale." From that statement, I took it to mean that I'm an emotional eater (so true) and that how I feel and deal with what runs across my mind has a great impact on my weight. So if I felt as if I didn't care about things, I would feed myself foods that corroborated that feeling. If I felt like I wanted to nurture myself, the foods and all actions done would reflect that. Therefore, for me to lose weight, I had to give up many things that wasn't the best for me although I held on tightly to them.

3. THERE WILL BE TIMES I WOULD HAVE TO WALK ALONE...EVEN AT A RESTAURANT. This realization made me sad. Sure I knew I would have to eat differently, even at restaurants, but how it would affect me when I saw others who were at my table, despite their health, choose dishes that weren't the best for them. I thought, "here I am, working hard at being as nutritious as possible and then someone goes and orders my favorite dish from this restaurant. Don't they know my struggle? Don't they care?" It's at this time the saying "I'm doing this for me" comes into play. I had to learn that not everyone is ready to do something about their health issues nor are they ready to genuinely care that I am doing something about my health to the point where they can publicly support me in my efforts. So there have been many times, even now, where I sit across or beside someone who may be eating something not as healthy for them (by their own admission) and have to realize at that moment, possibly for just that moment, I have to walk alone and that I've got to be ok with that.

4. THERE WILL BE ODD MOMENTS OF JOY NOT EVERYONE WILL UNDERSTAND. This one is my favorite because I've had a bunch of laughter realizing this. An example of this is when I lost enough weight to where I could shop in the women's department for workout clothes. Now this in and of itself isn't funny; but if one imagines me saying loudly "I can wear women's clothes now" while men are standing about 10 ft away from the dressing room in which I was trying on clothes and the way their faces held the shocked look, one would determine it was very funny. I've had other odd moments: from the time in someone's office where I switched positions from side to side over and over again simply because my hips didn't touch the sides of a narrow chair to where I'm dancing in a smaller workout outfit in front of my husband telling him to look what I can do all because I can touch parts of my body without lifting, pushing or moving surrounding parts. I learned that weight loss has its moments of sheer fun and enjoyment. Sure it may be hard work to realize it but the those moments are definitely worth it.

Last but not least...

5. THE LOCATION IN WHICH I LOSE THE WEIGHT MAY MAKE ME FEAR LEAVING THE AREA, EVEN FOR A VACATION. As previously mentioned, I'm a military wife. So every 3 - 4 years, we're moving. For us, we know that the first year will be hectic because we're settling in and getting used to things in our new area - virtually trying to learn the culture and assimilate ourselves to the area. The second year will prove to be smoother because we've gotten acclimated to the area and have settled in. In the third year, whether or not we have another year left in the area, we are preparing to leave. For me, it's usually in that second year that I figure out what I need to do where I am to lose weight. While it gives me a year to make it happen, it still leaves me with life and all it's tricks up the sleeve. For example, this is our last year at our current station. I came to this station with the hopes of continuing the weight loss work I was doing at the last station and because of the product availability and freshness, I was more determined than ever to make it happen. I had a routine down and I was set to go...until February 15, 2011 when I discovered I was pregnant. Although we wound up losing that pregnancy, I was back at it again to lose the weight and I was even more determined to make it happen. Until September 7, 2011 when I discovered I was pregnant again with our daughter Bordeaux. Ok, I thought no problem...I'll just work out a little bit. That's until November 13, 2011 when I had a cerclage placed to help hold her in until she got here in May of 2012. One cerclage and 24 weeks of bed rest (yeah, totally NO exercise) later, I had a beautiful baby girl. I had to wait an additional 6 - 12 weeks for clearance to exercise and in that time, my husband had to go away on business. So I'm home with a brand new baby girl and a puppy. Fast forward to November of 2012, we realize we have only a year left at this station and I've done nothing to help myself lose weight. So I started to lose weight again. What does this bring me to now? The year we leave. Yes, we leave our station this year and one of my fears is that I'll revert back to old habits because I've gotten accustomed to things at our current location. While it is a fear, the way I approach it can serve as motivation to search out new places that may have what I'm seeking and to encourage me to keep up what I'm doing. Researching spots that can help me continue as well as asking people I know in the area (if I know someone there or who have been there) for help in finding healthy places is something I can do now to alleviate the fear of the move. Preparation is key to not only moving but to having a successful start after the move.

Those are my five things no one mentioned to me about weight loss. What are some things that no one has mentioned but have been learned along the way? Feel free to post them.

Until next time, remain focused on what is now known and appreciate the fact that they've been revealed and stay motivated! WE CAN DO THIS!!
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