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Oh hello February!

Monday, February 04, 2013

There's a song that seems so appropriate sometimes:

"Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future." (the song is Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band)

Ah, yes, yes it does. Another month has passed and it's time to take a moment to review January and look at what I want to accomplish in February.

== January goals ==
1) Dental hygiene habit.
-- Almost, but not quite. I was consistent all the way up until the last few days. What threw me off? emoticon Once again I flubbed up my sleep schedule for no good reason. On the good side, I got it right back in. The long-term goal isn't necessarily perfection in remembering every single night - but not letting the habit drop out again - and that is going well.

2) Write 30 minutes a day.
emoticon Got this one done even on the nights I was exhausted. My production those nights was lousy though, which is just a reminder of how critical proper emoticon is to so many other goals.

3) Weight at or below 165 consistently.
-- Didn't hit it, but I am back on a downward trend and pretty much stabilized on my workout routine and eating. My current low is 166.5 and today's weight was 167, so I'm close -- and content with where I am progress-wise.

4) Update budgets for 2013.
-- emoticon I use Mint, which is connected to Quicken, to track everything and updated my budgets and even set a couple of goals for 2013.

5) Write out the questions related to Vet Tech
-- Whoopsies. This was completely forgotten in January. Definitely going to get it done in the next week or two.

6) Write out what I want with a personal trainer
-- This was semi-forgotten, but partly because I decided to postpone a personal trainer indefinitely. I'm progressively rebuilding my own routine, expanding my repertoire of exercises. I think the most important thing I've learned in the last month or so is that there isn't some perfect routine or best exercise. It's so common to see articles putting down one exercise and lauding another, to see one or another trainer promising the best results with their combination of exercises and supplements, but consistency and good form are really far more important.

So, only 2 out of 6 goals met - but in spite of that I feel like January went quite well. The changes I've made to my workout routine have been working well. I'm really liking the 4-day split for my weight work that breaks it into Upper Body one day and Lower Body / Abs the next day. I'm doing well food-wise with less of a deliberate deficit, but being more precise with my measuring. I feel good with the balance I have in doing challenges for the BLC#21.

The only thing I feel a little bad about is I've been much less active with my other teams. I've been trying to improve my work productivity, which means less time online during my work hours. That's left me a lot less active with huddling and replying to threads. Ditto for keeping up with friend's blogs, which I try to do when I can.

I have also been working on several of the by Spring goals. I got my taxes filed this weekend (whew, only owe about $40 between Fed and State - that makes me *SMILE*). I'm past 52,000 words in my novel and still writing. I'm doing lunges even if comfortable isn't the word I'd use yet.

So January may have rushed past, but I can leave it behind feeling what I did was done well.

What do I want in February?

1) Weight at or below 165 consistently.
-- I think this one will finally be met this month, even with it shorter.

2) Set up an automatic transfer to my savings account.
-- I've set a goal to build an emergency fund, but need to get the transfer set up and actually start saving.

3) Keep my streak of 30+ minutes writing daily going.
-- Don't want to break this habit. I don't honestly expect this particular novel to go anywhere long-term, but it is very important to me to finish it. I also want to really be in a routine when November 2013 comes around so I can have an outline and concept and actually do 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo on a book I feel will be worth getting revised and maybe even trying to publish.

4) Keep getting 6+ hours of sleep as many nights as possible, as close to a routine bedtime / rising time as possible.
-- I'm doing better at sleeping, even if I'm up late tonight and had the one hiccup late in January. Sleep affects my ability to make good decisions, my health, and so much more - so this has to be a priority.

February is a short month, so I also need to be really watchful with my finances and make sure I get all necessities paid. Not making a goal with that - just reminding myself.

Hello February! Now I'm ready for you.
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