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I was going to be positive...

Monday, February 04, 2013

...but this is not my day. Waked up to late, I have lost my sleeping schedule and fall asleep way too late which means that I wake up too late too....then I immedeately got depressed from reading that sleep apnea gives kortisol levels that makes it really hard to lose weight...I am on an impossible quest here...or not the thing is that I am really a mood person that gets soooo easy influenced.

Today is busy - one show tour at a paper technology laboratory first, then a seminar about business opportunities with norway I will not have time to go to the lunch AA meeting and I had also forgot (since it does not interest me at all) that this is "Rally Sweden" week in my region, which means that the city will be clammed up with foreigners and cars and acitivity that will be everywhere... it is a sacred activity, normally the business edition I am responsible for gets delivered on tusedays, but because ogf the special rally edition it is moved to thursday.... (I did it last week, so it does not affect my work)
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    It's impossible to be positive all the time - for most of us anyway - and lack of sleep plus worry about sleep apnoea can't be helping at all. I completely agree with JOYINKY - 'fake it till you make it' but I know that's a difficult thing to do on a bad day. Keep chipping away, MP, you have actually faced down worse than this and I really admire you for that.
    1930 days ago
    Sorry that learning sleep apnea raises cortisol and makes it hard to lose weight. Far more important than weight is what sleep apnea does to your heart. Love your heart; get your sleep apnea treated.

    1931 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Not sleeping well is a drag, but I have to tell you that I lost a fair amount of weight over a couple of years even through continuing poor sleep. Keep working on weaning yourself off overeating.

    I'm so glad you're still here!
    1931 days ago
    I hope you get a better night's sleep tonight and start out tomorrow on a better note.
    1931 days ago
    I don't do well with too-little sleep. Try the relaxing activites you can find on the website for ways to relax before bedtime. Such as taking a hot bath.
    1931 days ago
    I'm falling into the same sleep pattern; but being retired it's OK. I always have been a night owl; was difficult pre retirement.
    On the being positive. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT!
    Seriously, it does help! I've worked a long time on this. Today I do think of myself as a positive person, but I haven't always been. Each morning I send out a "Time for Joy" email with a short positive message, usually a quote accompanied by a picture. Three fold purpose. Starts my day on a positive note. Serves as a check in with those close to me that I am up and well. If it doesn't go out, I'll get an email or phone call checking on me. Has happened when I have had computer problems. Seems a good idea to have some system for those of us that live alone. Last, has me focused on searching out positive messages to share.
    Do the best you can on sleep. I had a friend that slept with pillows to keep her body elevated, another that sleeps in a recliner making breathing easier. Another that couldn't wear a mask kept her oxygen tube clipped to her pillow close to her face. Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem. Just keep making healthy choices and trust your steps and HP. emoticon
    1931 days ago
    Just do the best you can each day regarding your sleep. You do not have total control over sleep, but I know from experience it is possible to lose weight even when sleep isn't good, although it is more difficult. You do have total control over the time you go to bed and your pre-bed ritual. If you haven't tried SparkPeople's Better Sleep Challenge, I recommend you do it. I know I feel so much better when I've had a good night's sleep it is worth some restructuring of life's activities to make sleep as good as it can be. Take care. Be gentle on yourself, especially when you haven't slept well. Take good care of your body. -Marsha
    1931 days ago
    No, I don't think it's an impossible quest. But small steps are important, and being consistent (with just a small / tiny step) is, too.
    I'm quite a 'moody' / easy to influence person too.
    Something that helps me is to make a green smoothie and prepare a salad / vegetable for lunch right after I get up. It means I have something healthy to grab later on in the day. It doesn't take me a lot of time.
    I'm thinking that if you could make that a habit, it would help you get 'on track' in the morning regardless of just how late you get up.
    Another thing that helps me is to read half a page (or more if I want to) from a book or text that I find inspiring right after I get up. It helps to 'lift your mood' / set your mind in a positive or accepting track first thing in the morning.
    I put the book / text beside my bed!
    1931 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/4/2013 7:44:39 AM
    You and I are in the same group, Meddy - I overslept an hour, and the knock-on effect with the busy day I have ahead of me just makes everything frantic. My sleep schedule is in a nosedive, which is bad enough, but I didn't know about it making it even harder to lose weight.

    Some days I just wish things were easier, all-around easier... *sigh*
    1932 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    I hope your day gets better Meddy, keep positive

    emoticon for sharing

    1932 days ago
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