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Sunday, February 03, 2013

*oh yeah... perhaps I should WUB*

Year Long Goals

1. Running - I didn't do a race, but I walked a 5k this week and ran the last lap of it. It wasn't on the track, however, it felt good to run.
2. No soda... and I'm almost thinking to just give it up. A friend told me today they got a soda to try and wake up, but it didn't help them. I'm on the verge of wanting to try it again, but I want my first soda to be a special one. Maybe in an old glass bottle or a unique flavor. But I'm not itching to drink one.
3. Utmost - I've focused more on prayer, and I'm feeling better. I have a lot of issues with trusting and bonding with people on a deeper level most of the time and that has a huge effect on my relationship with God as well.
4. Design - Recently I've created my new self identity logo. I think in the future I'll buy printer ink in order to use my scanner. That way I can also go the hand done route on illustrations.

1. Run 24 races between 1 mile (up to 12) 5k (up to 10) 10k (up to 3) and a half marathon (at least 1) (at least 3 official races)
Mile: {13:26} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {}
5k: {50:21} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {}
10k: {} {}
Half: {}

2. Drink soda only if you ran more miles than you're drinking in ounces.
Soda count: 0
Miles count: 7.0
3. Read Utmost.Org each day
4. Do a design activity each day


January Goals

1. Drink 8 cups of water a day
Pretty sure I've done this!

2. Bring lunch to work 3/5 days
Yep! Everyday!

3. Do 10 minutes of exercise per day
BLC challenge this week was this. Done! Yesterday I lifted shelves in the air like I was doing power cleans at my job. :-P

4. Count Calories - Don't go over 1800 - 2500.

February goals: I spoke with a guy at church today, and he told me he goes to a gym that's $10 a month, $20 start up fee. I'm gonna check it out, because I can afford that in my monthly bill, it's something to do, and I can workout at night and be out of the house. In my last two BLC's my goal was get a job to join a gym. I think this may be my opportunity to do that. I work all work-day hours except Wednesday. I'll scope it out then, if I join I'll try and schedule at least 2 days a week to go. Hopefully they don't make there rates go up later.

1. Look at the gym, join or void.
2. Did I join the gym? Did I go at least twice this week?
3. At least 10 cups of water?
4. Work on a solid financial plan.
5. Make my "One"-Der-Land Graph (coughindexcardcough) look like a graphic designer did it. (because a graphic designer did do it.)

This week I lost 0.2 pounds. However that is my mid afternoon weight after breakfast, water and a coffee. I didn't get home in time to bring the scale into my room for my weigh in this morning, and my grandmother doesn't wake up until I have gone to church. I saw a much lower number on Tuesday (282), but I'm sticking with 284.8 this week.

Final thought: I have a love affair going on with avocados.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have tried to give up soda (I am a Diet Coke fanatic), and I have failed miserably. I just couldn't make it through the lethargy and headaches. But I did cut it down to two cans per day, so that is something.

    Your goals sound awesome and achievable. :D
    1900 days ago
    Those are some GREAT goals achieved and planned for! I'm really liking your thoughts on giving up soda completely. I just don't drink it anymore. Don't miss it either. Would rather have coffee or tea or just plain water. I like that you are "brown bagging it"!! I hope the gym turns out to be the real deal and you are able to join. I like how you are making the time to work out here and there. One of the challenges we do in our BLC is a dice challenge. You roll 2 dice; the first number tells you what to do (arm reps, core reps, march inplace, etc.) and the second number tells you how much to do. It's great to do while watching tv! Finally..avocados. YUM! But, just like anything else, even though they have good fats, it's still fat, so everything in moderation!
    1901 days ago
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