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This is a sprint not a marathon!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

So in my never-ending quest to balance diet, strength training, and cardio, I came upon an interesting fitness realization.

Intensity matters.

I've been doing variations of HIIT (Hi-Intensity Interval Training) for a while now, but somehow in the back of my mind, I've felt guilty about not doing longer, slower cardio to burn off more calories.

But the other day, reading some articles by Mark Rippetoe (most famous for his well-written "Starting Strength" book) it hit me.....sprinters have more muscle than marathoners

Now I've done my fair share of marathons and enjoyed the experience of training on long, slow runs, getting ready for the big 26.2. And believe me, even though I slimmed down in my running days, I was never an ectomorph.

Since switching to cycling and getting serious about strength training, I've seen the value of adding muscle while losing fat. Now, as I look to drop these last pesky 10 lbs, I want them all to be fat pounds, not muscle pounds.

As I planned out my February/March riding (I just ordered new tires and will be dropping my bike to the shop for a well-deserved tune-up and re-cabling), I debated about training for a century (100 mile ride) this spring, figuring it would do nothing but help me drop those 10 lbs of fat.

Well not so fast, or rather, yes, I need to train fast....and hard.....but for shorter durations.

Maybe I need to train for some time trials!

(Not really....when I priced out a time trial bike, that idea went out the window!)

Intensity just makes for a much tougher workout, albeit for a shorter period of time....but those short periods of time do seem like an eternity.

But what better way to prepare for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse! Would you rather be fast & strong, or lean with lots of endurance/

Who do you want to be when the undead rise, hungry and looking for brains?!?!?!

(Hint, you'll need some upper body strength to wield that 9-iron into the soft spot of their frontal lobes!)

Have a great night Spark friends!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is very interesting! What I need to motivate me with my always 'pushed on the side' ST!!!
    1960 days ago
    Ha, I never thought about how tri training could help prepare me for the zombie apocalypse! Not only will I be able to run from the undead, but I can also ride and swim away at a good pace!
    1963 days ago
    Interesting picutres and comparison.
    1963 days ago
    Great Blog!

    That sounds like the Body for Life philosophy.

    20 minutes is all you need for total muscle failure if you do it right.

    No one whats to end up as a human Happy Meal. emoticon

    1963 days ago
    I think you should pick up the training habits of triathletes. We do a mix of days with intense intervals and days for distance. And you could do it on your roadie. But the cool kids have TT bikes. Note: I am not a cool kid. Yet.

    I was thinking about you the other day. Got my annual bloodwork results and my LDL is noticeably increased. As in "push the panic button". I am done expirimenting with Paleo/Primal and all that jazz. I haven't lost weight, my bodyfat hasn't changed and my LDL is up. I didn't even go down the path of red meat with the fat. All I did was increase the nuts, avocados and coconut oil to keep my calories up sans grains. So much for "saturated fats do not increase your cholesterol". Apparently that's not how it works in my body, lol. Welcome back whole grain bread.
    1966 days ago

    For burning fat, nothing beats having a lots of muscles!
    Allows also eating more, so the calorie budget is bigger.
    Thanks for sharing!

    How is your fat% going on lately? Decreasing, or stable? Mine hasn't changed in the last months.
    1966 days ago
  • BOB240
    The odd thing is that sprinters generally to not train with heavy weights to get muscular. They do a lot of intense body weight work but it takes them a very long time to build their physique..

    Zombie invasion - take up archery.. Thats what I've done. Everyone knows that zombies respond to sound so you can't use guns..
    1966 days ago
    There is a lot of truth in that! Good luck with becoming what you wish with the appropriate exercise. We become what we eat and we become what we do!
    I noticed your "loosing challenge" with BILL60 - good luck - If you need a judge I am willing to take that job.
    emoticon emoticon
    1966 days ago
    1966 days ago
  • MILLIE5522
    When there is a zombie invasion I won't be running away, I'll be on my bike!!! emoticon
    1966 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/3/2013 6:05:34 PM
    I'd just like to be able to run come the zombie apocalypse. With a side of strength. I say box jumps and high intensity drills will get me where I need to be as well. Both sprints and distance definitely have their benefits!
    1966 days ago
    Sprint for the win! Very paleo, too!
    1966 days ago
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