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A Million (less than a million REALLY - but a bunch) Things to do to MOVE MORE and enjoy it -

Sunday, February 03, 2013

1 - leave 3 parking spaces empty that are closer to the store - you don't have to go to the FAR side of the parking lot but just a wee bit further than normal - this not only moves YOU more, it may get you some smiles from the pregnant woman who has 3 kids and doesn't have to walk as far or the dad with a whiny toddler who is carrying a bunch of stuff.

2 - lose the remote control - get up when you want to change channels - NO, don't ask the kids to do this, YOU get up and change the channel

3 - if you have two bathrooms, use the one further away - upstairs if you are downstairs, on the other side of the house - you can even do this at work - go to another floor or down the hall

4 - surprise hubby and the kids - you take out the trash when it is their turn.

5 - walk your cat - more fun than walking your dog - they don't heel or follow nearly as well - you might even get to climb a tree

6 - turn on some music and dance around the living room with your kids

7 - turn the lights low and dance with your sweetie

8 - walk around the block (even half way and turn around will work)

9 - go to the park and push your kids on the swings - or let them push YOU

10 - fidget - seriously, move around in your seat

11 - exerc ise while you wattcch tv lift hand weighhts or do leg lifts

12 - when doing laaundry fold each item and put it away before doing the next one

13 - instead of emailing coworkers - walk over to their offices

14 - pull weeds in your garden

15 - take a stroll through your neigghborhoood

16 - push a baby strooller

17 - play games with your kids or grandkids

18 - go for a bike ride

19 - visit your neighbor and invite him or her on a walk

20 - bake a batch of cookies and walk over to a friend's house and give them away before you eat them

21 - go bowling

22 - walk EITHER up or down the stairs at work - even just a single floor

23 - make an extra trip to deliver the file on your desk instead of sending it

24 - pack a brown bag lunch and take a quick walk and then sit in the sunshine and eat it

25 - go feed the ducks

26 - go to a lake and take a swim

27 - go fishing

28 - climb a hill

29 - play a prank on your kids and then run while they chase you

30 - jump rope

31 - shovel snow

32 - park a block away from work and walk the last block each way - it will also give you time to clear your head and leave work at your jobb aat the end of the day

33 - vacuum the floors

34 - sweep your porch

35 - do a fun ex erc ise video

36 - ask your kids if they would like YOU to get them a drink instead of asking them to get YOU one

37 - do deep knee bends while waiting in line

38 - suck in your gut and lift your legs while sitting at your desk

39 - stand and do the dishes instead of putting in the disshwasher - moving around to put stuff away individually

40 - hang your clothes on a line instead of using the dryer

41 - serve dinner outside and carry things out and put them away yourself

42 = go apple picking

43 - go strawberry picking

44 - go to the zoo

45 - go to a museum

46 - go to the library

47 - go to the gym

48 - play catch with the kids

49 - chase the kids

50 - play tag

51 - The list goes on - add your ideas.

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