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Denise Austin's Fatblaster Yogo or what I like to call the Yoga that made me cry.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

I swear I'm not a crybaby! But something about this one just kind of snapped something in me. I felt like those people on the Biggest Loser who have breakdowns on the treadmills.

Denise Austin - Fat-Blasting Yoga
Run time 65 minutes
3 sections: 1. 30 minute yoga poses performed in a flowing style to increase the heart rate
2. 15 minute workout focusing on arms,shoulders, legs, and buns.
3. 15 minutes focusing on core strength.

What I did: 30 min yoga workout.

I went into this Yoga feeling good. The day before I unexpectedly decided to add an extra day of cardio, I followed the motivation and did 20 minutes on the treadmill and a 20 minute Spark Cardio video. So when I popped in this DVD I was feeling strong and like I was kicking some butt and taking names.

I quickly realized this Yoga was a bit advanced for me and I became frustrated fast.

She started with a Sun Salutation series as a warmup, although not a fan of chatterangas I kept up and actually did them pretty well. Still feeling like a champ at this point, then she started the fatblasting series which consisted of a bunch of different exercise sets working on a different postures and areas each series beginning and ending with a sun salutations series.

The first few series weren't too bad but it was going a little to fast for me to keep up, I was trying hard but kept falling behind. This is where the frustration began for me. I struggled and managed through.

By the time she got to the balancing stick series, I was feeling a bit weak and pretty uncoordinated and honestly not very good about myself. The balancing stick pose is one I've just always had problems with, balancing on one foot with my other leg up and straight behind me while my torso is leaning forward is a balancing act that I just can't seem to maintain. Now couple holding the stick pose with lifting your body straight up and bringing the leg that is extended forward to a knee lift in one swift motion while still while balancing on the other foot is a feat that this wobbly body just can't muster. Add in the leg lifts while holding the balancing stick and you get one very frustrated and upset lady. This was my breaking point, after struggling and struggling to do these poses I lost it. I whined, I swore, and then I cried.

I wanted to quit so bad and just say screw it, this is way over my head, I'm not successful at it, it's too hard for me and just quit but I put the DVD on pause and pulled myself together. I went back to it for the last series and cool down.

The last series consists of the tree pose. She combine a full on tree with a step out lunge and elbow strike then you slide back into a tree pose with a knee up, then knee out to the side and back to a knee up. It was kind of a fun series, I liked the lunge and strike but the by that point my focus to balance at all was shot. It was a frustrating last series but I managed through without tears (there might have been some swearing though). :)

Afterwards I was just really ticked off at myself for getting so frustrating and crying, but I was also still really angry at my own body for being unable to do the exercises well. My husband tried to kindly remind me that I'm doing a good job and that with few more months of exercising that I will just keep getting stronger, more flexible, and have more endurance and balance. Which I know is true but at the time I was just so disappointed with myself.

A few hours later though I realized that I am out of shape and not at all at my physical peak and of course that's why I'm on this journey. By continuing to push myself I'll get where I want to be. There will be walls, plateaus, and things that make me feel weak and want to quit as I go on. But my strength will come by pushing my body to do things that it's not used to and teaching myself that even if I can't do everything perfect that just by doing and trying that I'm becoming stronger inside and out.

You can actually watch the whole 30 minute workout I did here:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MEDUSA1977
    @JME It will definitely be a while before I do this one again, I've got all my DVD exercises picked for at least a month. It will be interesting to see how I've progressed for sure. I really love yoga so I definitely want to continue with it but damn that balancing stick pose! One day I'll nail it for sure! What about you darlin? Any exercises you really like doing that you'd recommend?
    1937 days ago
    You know what i would do... put this on the back burner for another month or two. Then pull it out and see how much progress you've made! I bet that it'll be substantial and you'll really see a difference!
    1937 days ago
    There will come a day when you will be able to pretty much breeze thru this one! Hang in there! You're on the right track!
    1937 days ago
    balancing exercises are tough - but such a wonderful feeling when they improve (pilates also focuses on balance as apparently core strength is the critical component). And my yoga teacher always starts a class by saying "I encourage moaning, sighing, laughing and crying if feel emotional - yoga is about release"...
    1938 days ago
    Yoga is not be made fun of it can make you wanna holla.....

    God bless & enjoy the journey!

    1938 days ago
    Yoga is not be made fun of it can make you wanna holla.....

    God bless & enjoy the journey!

    1938 days ago
  • MRE1956
    I've come to the conclusion that yoga is *NOT FOR EVERYONE", myself included......there are some poses that I simply can't comprehend anyone getting ANY benefit from........just sayin'.....

    1938 days ago
  • PJ2222
    emoticon emoticon
    1938 days ago
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