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Day 1 again.......I am back

Sunday, February 03, 2013

well, it has been over a year since I was last on sparkpeople (my last log in was 1/24/12). I am happy to report I weigh less than I did when I left but before you get too excited for me it was only 2 lbs less. yeah thats right I only lost 2 lbs in a little over a year. I have alot of reasons for that and alot of it has to do with med changes. If I went by my highest weight this year than I have actually lost about 25lbs with today's weight. I have had alot of struggles within the past year and I am hoping they are finally over. first of all, last January I was struggling with a plateau with my weight it seemed no matter what i did i wasn't losing weight. then i started having issues with my seizures so the doctors started messing with my medications and of course they looked at what worked not whether it would cause weight gain so I gained 23lbs it seemed overnight (actually it was in 5 weeks but who's counting). This frustrated me alot and it seemed my life was messed up for awhile just trying to fight with the doctors to try something else. The doctors were hesitant because what i was taking worked for me and they didn't want to try something else that may not work. Then finally in November I had enough with doctor's telling me what to do so I tried a different doctor who was more willing to listen to me and my concerns about the medications. I am happy to report she put me on a new medication and not only does it work great I haven't gained any weight from it. I haven't really lost weight either but I haven't really been trying. I am recommitted to this weight loss journey and I will make it back down to my goal weight. I have 117.6lbs before I will get there but I CAN DO THIS! So I know the only way to reach my big goals is to make smaller more attainable goals so my weight loss goals are as follows:

1. Lose 1.5lbs or more per week, this is 6 to 7.5lbs per month

2. Drink at least 64oz of water per day but aim for 80oz or more per day

3. Make healthy food choices (baked not fried, lowfat instead of whole milk, veggies instead of chips, etc)

4. pack my lunch with healthy meals or snacks when I will be running to appointments or class all day rather than eating out.

5. Work out for 30 minutes per session 3 times per week. So I am aiming for 90 or more minutes a week of cardio exercise. I will accomplish this on my treadmill until the weather gets better. (it is Icy and cold here in MN this time of year)

I also have started a job where I work doing everything a nurse would do however since I do not have the degree I have chosen to go back to school for my nursing degree. I really love my job and the clients I serve. My boss is great! I have already started my classes for this semester and boy can it be a challenge. in 1 class I write alot of papers. I don't like to write papers but i keep reminding myself that this class is required for the nursing program so I gotta work hard and do my best to get a good grade in this class. The other classes require alot of memorization so since my stroke I struggle with this. I am making it work though. with the encouragement of my husband (rbauernfeind) and my best friend (artist8784) and all of my spark friends I know I can accomplish this. So here we go Day 1. So far so good already did the workout now off to find something healthy to eat. until next time Spark Buddies keep a smile on your face and encouragement in your heart.
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