How to Walk 20k Steps in a Day

Sunday, February 03, 2013

...Lock yourself out of the house. Yeah, I know, smooth move. And my boyfriend was out of town. Cell phone - inside. Water - inside. SOCKS AND SHOES - inside. At least I had a jacket on, but flip flops were NOT optimal (although they had thick cushy soles). It was 4:30, and since I don't put my boyfriend on a schedule, I really didn't know when he would be home.

So.... I walked. I now have a pathway in the backyard that, based on my FitBit, is about 0.05 miles. It is 109 steps for me. I walked that path until the sun went down. (OK, I sat and rested for about 15 minutes.)

Once it got too dark to see my new pathway, I paced the patio. I found out I cross it in 8 steps, but if I go on the diagonal, I can go 10 paces, meaning less turns. (Pythagorian theory at work)

I realized I REALLY want some outdoor furniture this year, because neither the railroad ties or the concrete patio are very comfortable.

At 8:30 I went and imposed on the neighbors to use their bathroom. I hated admitting my idiocy to folks I barely know. Then I went back to my backyard and walked.

At 9:30, my neighbor brought me a blanket and told me if it got much later to come back over. I finally caved at 10:05, and walked over to ask them if I could borrow a piece of paper so I could leave a note on my front door. And, as I was walking out to cross the street - yup, my boyfriend drives around the corner.

I ended up with over 20,000 steps and almost 10 miles according to my FitBit. I didn't get my 10 flights of stairs in, but oh well. So, you too can walk 20,000 miles. Just be dumb, prideful, and stubborn. (And don't step out in the back yard in flip flops!!!)
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