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What Now? February 3, 2013

Sunday, February 03, 2013

What now? That’s certainly a big question for me.

Long time ago, I use to be a foodie. Both my husband and I love to cook and before we retired, we loved having people over all the time. Retirement, moving to a different, less social, neighborhood have changed our patterns. Less active while eating the same food, and getting older equaled weight gain.

In March of 2011, I became fed up with carrying around extra weight which was certainly aggravating my degenerative disk disease and arthritis. I had previously tried several diets none of which worked. First, here’s some background. In 2008, 09, and 10, I had issues with allergies including mysterious skin allergies. I went through many anti-inflammatory drugs, biopsies, internists, allergists, and dermatologists. I was on Prednisone off and on for years. The doctors all told me that I was having an allergic reaction to something, but they didn’t know what despite various tests and none of the drugs they tried worked. Finally, one doctor discovered that I was very low on Vit. D and began me on a prescription dose. It took a couple of months, but it worked. My skin cleared up. A few months later, my internist, discovered that I was Hypothyroid. Strange that after years, those two items showed up from blood tests that had been run by many doctors over many years and never showed up before.

All this seems to have nothing to do with my weight loss. But I believe it does. By March of 2011, I was relieved that I had solved one health problem, but was still over weight and suffering from back problems. My pain caused me to move less so I saw my weight creeping up even more. One night, I pulled out Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat To Live and began to read it again. My husband encouraged me to give it a try but he reminded me that I needed to forget the word try, and just do it. Changing my way of eating meant that I was cooking for me and he was cooking for himself. He doesn’t mind that because he is an excellent cook and enjoys it. He also doesn’t mind eating a meatless meal from time to time.

I had already given up soy because of the thyroid issue and so then I gave up meat, dairy, and oil. To my surprise, I started losing the weight. This was great! I liked to lose weight and had always loved vegetables so it was win-win. I lost 22 pounds and did it fairly easily because I love vegetables. I really didn’t miss the meat or the dairy too much. Seafood on the other hand was occasionally missed but I handled it.

After one year, I had gained three pounds from not sticking strictly to a totally low-fat vegan diet. I wasn’t unhappy with that as long as I didn’t gain more. However, at almost two years, I have gained another five pounds making a total of 8 pounds and I am nowhere near being even vegetarian. I eat vegan maybe 50 to 70 % of the time and then have a dinner out of whatever I want or go to a party and snack on salty items or cheeses. None of our friends or social outlets even understand the concept of a vegan diet. And frankly, I am getting tired and bored with not being able to cook and entertain.

The food is not my only problem, I need to find a way to be more active that I enjoy, can do physically, and will continue to do consistently. I haven’t found that yet, at least nothing that I will do consistently.

Sorry for the long rambling post.

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    I have to give you kudos for vegan...I became vegetarian last June and I must admit that first week I dropped 6lbs so easy....I realized I didn't miss meat either. .my problem is I don't cook. I can. ..I have the ability. .I'm just not domestic but I am realizing that I may be changing in that way since I've been married. My husband obviously knew cooking wasn't my thing but it does sadden me I've only cooked twice since we married in July. We don't eat out but I eat a lot of more prepared foods, watching the sodium and junk seriously. I find that kicking the dairy is harder. .I love cheese. ..but I'm a work in progress. ..I've already gone to the almond milk side lol. I know moving is hard at first but just try anything and everything to see what you can and don't get yourself down you need to build up...I had knee surgery and supposed to have the other done but once I lost the weight and moved more I got stronger and now I'm training for a 5k. Everyone needs to start somewhere. ...the important thing is to start. emoticon
    Oh and you can husband's family is extremely social and everything is always veggie. ..our wedding too...I'm looking at now the joy of learning all new kinds of recipes! The best food I've eaten in my life has been vegetarian. ..I say have a party and not tell anyone and see if anyone questions your menu. ;)
    1900 days ago

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    I love the elliptical. I have a bad back and it works well for me. Vegan dieting is tough and adds to the challenge of nutrition. There are many healthy foods that offer a great alternative to meat. It often not the foods we eat but how much of them we consume.

    Good luck!
    1901 days ago
    I was on a vegetarian diet in high school for ethical reasons but did not do well with it. I got sick on it and was forced to go off. I think it would be hard to stay on as a lifestyle but I admire those who can. I see too many vegetarians that end up eating a less healthy diet than they would if they ate meat. Some aren't even that fond of veggies and are obese. They are eating things that most of us agree are not really that healthy. Tons of sugary cereal, pasta, candy, and bread. It sounds like you on the other hand have done well with it as you do love vegetables. Maybe you would be more satisfied as a pescatarian. Fish and seafood is my favorite protein. Or just nix the salty stuff and eat high quality meat on occasion if you want to and think it won't adversely affect your health. To be honest I would be hesitant to go to a party of a vegetarian or to want to entertain one as I would not be sure what to expect or what to fix, I'm not sure if these ideas will help you at all but I do really understand what you mean. The exercise will really help.
    1901 days ago
    Hey there. I know what you mean about the difficulties of being vegan and vegetarian, it's OK in a bg city, but it can limit social eating. Have you read Leslie Kenton's book on Cura Romana? I have seen blogs from people with thyroid problems that have found it a great way to release weight. I am currently doing the Cura, entirely from the book, and losing .5 kg a day. Check out my blogs about it.
    Leslie recommends the Cura to lose excess weight, then a consolidation phase to find out what foods disagree with you, then a paleo diet, which is very low in carbs. The idea is that you reset your weight at a level that your body automatically maintains. I have insulin resistance and have found it very hard to lose weight, this has been incredibly easy, a joy, really. I,ll be on consolidation in a few weeks, probably more significant than the weightloss phase. If I gain weight, back to 3 weeks on the protocol.
    Maybe this will work well with you, as meat and veggies are a large part of the diet, with stevia as the sweetener for sweet dishes.
    Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on if you give this a go.
    1901 days ago

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    Keep strong and never give up. I know it can get nerve racking but you can do it.
    1901 days ago
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