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Push That Tush -- Let's Go Football

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Weight Loss Football 101 - Basic Positions

emoticon Quarterback
The player who is determined at the start of each day. They exercise whether they feel like it or not. They keep a healthy diet. They plan ahead. They have defined their strategy. They have defined set goals. The quarterback is focused on a lifestyle change for the long run. The quarterback informs his support group of the play while in the huddle; the quarterback wants to be accountable and let others know of the progress made. Their strategy is to run with the ball and push their limits.
emoticon Halfback
An offensive player who lines up in the backfield and is GENERALLY responsible for sticking to the play. A running back's primary goal is to run with the scale numbers. the Halfback is also into exercising at times.
emoticon Fullback
An offensive player who is generally responsible for avoiding junk food and blocking binges. Fullbacks are usually more focused on not overeating than aggressively trying to lose weight. The fullback isn’t as consistent or determined as the quarterback and the halfback. Their effort goes into spurts of motivation with diet and exercise, and their drive comes in short bursts.
emoticon Wide Receiver
An offensive player who lines up on a weight loss plan, but isn’t totally committed to change. The Wide receiver is inspired by the star quarterback and they get into a highly motivated mode…and then easily go off track. The wide receiver is prone to all or nothing approach…and stops pushing when conditions change, life is stressful, or they tire of self discipline.
emoticon Tight End
An offensive player who feels sabotaged by others and also constantly sabotages themselves. The tight end expects to be sidelined. If conditions aren’t perfect, the tight end waits on the side hoping for motivation to get back in the game.
emoticon Offensive Tackle
The offensive tackle is into diet or exercise but can’t seem to do both together. If they exercise they ease up watching what they eat. If they stick to their diet, they don’t feel they have to exercise as hard.
emoticon Offensive Guard
The offensive guard is afraid of exercising too hard (they might get injured), or going too big on the changes. They like baby steps. They are slow to change.
emoticon Center
The offensive lineman who likes to change things around each day. The center is consistent but doesn’t push themselves to the limits quite as much as the quarterback. Their mental attitude is halfway between commitment and maintenance. They find themselves gaining and losing the same 3 pounds

Sometimes I'm a Halfback and sometimes I'm a center....
{...when I grow up I want to be a quarterback...}
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