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OMG I am so tired and sore!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

I have muscles I didn't even know I had. Yardwork is better than a gym workout! Yesterday I spent hours raking and cleaning my back yard, loading it into garbage bags, hauling them from the back to the front yard to load in a pickup to take to the dump, and pulling some weeds. My back yard had been in need of a serious cleaning since leaves had all fallen and also needed to clean up after my dog. There were also broken toys and other things from the grandkids. Lots of clean up to do and I worked so hard yesterday at that project! And because of recent rains and show, leaves an things were still kind of damp, which made them heavier. I had been meaning to do this for a while. But my rake had mysteriously disappeared out of my yard. I kept meaning to buy another one for months but kept forgetting. Yesterday I finally did it.

I had been really intending to do this project but extra motivation because my landlady has been here with her son and her granddaughter's husband redoing the bathroom. Having the landlady hangng around your house all day for a few days is good motivation to do what you have been putting off LOL. She didn't say anything, but Friday afternoon she was out doing little things around the front yard, which wasn't very bad but she found lots of little things to do. I think mainly because she didn't know what else to do while the guys were tearing apart the bathroom. She lives 2 hours away, so isn't here often and never for a project like this one. When she's stopped by for something before, it's been for an hour at the most. I have to say she's driving me a little crazy!!!

The house I rent from her I've lived in for 5 years. It's just a few blocks to my son's job and so he walks it. It has a nice fenced yard for my dogs. Most of the time she doesn't bother me at all. And it was cheap rent. But it also has a lot of problems. When she wanted to raise the rent $200 a month I said I would only pay $100 more until some of this work was done. She agreed to that. But during the fall she was very ill and almost died an was going though chemo and other meds for a liver condition she's had for many years but got really bad last summer. At one point the doctors thought the only thing that could save her was a liver transplant. A lot of people were praying for her though, and late fall tests showed that her condition had gone into remission and she's doing so much better. So thank God for that, because although this weekend she's driving me crazy, I really do like her.

My landlady does not have much money and since she hasn't been able to work and since she's still fighting for disability the rent is her only real income.

The tiles in the shower had been falling off for a while, and I had taped plastic over the areas to keep the area underneath dry. A few months ago a piece of the roofing paper had blown off the roof and the roof was leaking. The bathroom floor was messed up and in one place looked like it was going to fall through. She kept trying to get her sons to come help do the work for her because she couldn't hire a contractor for lack of money. She has one son, whose name she actually put the house in who lives an hour away and has done contracting work who had promised but then never followed through for about a year as things got worse and worse. Her other son was in Florida. He came back and agreed to do the work. It's going to look good when it's finished, but they came on Friday, expecting to have the job done by Saturday night (they were supposed to come Thursday but the guys hadn't gotten all the supplies together they needed). Friday they finally got here about 11:30, then left for about an hour and a half to get more materials. Finally got started about the middle of the afternoon and worked until 11:30 pm. Then got here about 11 yesterday (they stayed in a motel here) and worked until 10 last night and not done yet. So it's going to be another long day today! She brought a pick up, which helped with the yard project, because I never have a pick up available to haul things off and what I can fit in my small car is what gets hauled to the dump. We had that pick up bed loaded completed and piled high with stuff from the yard, bags of garbage from the clean up, all the sheetrock and tiles that had been torn off the bathroom wall, and I don't know what else. My landlady and I took it to the dump yesterday afternoon and unloaded it ourselves. Heavy stuff and all the tiles and pieces of sheetrock and been thrown loose in the pick up so we had to get it all out at the dump. So I got quite a workout. I rented a motel room 3 blocks from my house where my daughters hung out and slept with 2 of the grandkids. My oldest grandson wanted to stay with me, although the water was turned off until they turned it on finally late yesterday (they had to fix some plumbing problems too). Oldest granddaughter stayed at a friends house. So I got a lot of steps in too walking Friday and yesterday back and forth from the motel to use the bathroom and take shower LOL! And I made a few trips to Walmart and was all over the store because I bought some new curtains and a few other odds and ends for the house, as well as having to get groceries, etc. I think I went though Walmart at least 3 times, sometimes just to pick up something I had forgotten or realized I needed more of, such as the big garbage bags LOL! So I got a lot of exercise in. But I am so tired and it is stressful having my landlady in my house for 3 days. She didn't like where we had the big trash cans outside and so she moved them and built a little border around them with big rocks she found. Not pretty rocks, just rocks. Looks okay but I don't see what was wrong with where I had them but we'll deal with it. Part of the property is a vacant lot next to the fenced yard around this house. She owns that lot also and put the garbage cans over there. I told her that was inconvenient because we had to go out the front gate and over there throw the trash. Where I had them we could stay inside the fence and lift the lid and thrown the trash in. they were right outside the fence. And at night if we throw trash we have to go clear over there? We go through a lot of trash with so many in this house. So she moved them again where we can reach them from inside the fence but in a different area. And still with the big loose rock border. These aren't big things, but a lot of little things like this that add up to make me feel a little crazy and stressed. There were towel racks on the back of the bathroom door that were there when I moved in. Now she's decided the looked "tacky" and took them off. She said next week she's going to bring a prettier towel rack to put on the wall and put up a shelf. But since it's taken a long long time to get this other work done, I'm not holding my breath. But do have to figure out where to hang towels now LOL. Like I said, small things but they add up. I feel like she's not just trying to repair things, but trying to redecorate and that she doesn't approve of my decorating efforts, or lack of them. Who knows what she is going to come up with today. A week ago I had brought a new broom because the handle on my other one broke. Friday night after dark she was outside sweeping the dirt in my front yard with it. Not just the dirt on the sidewalks from recent rain and snow, but the dirt in the yard. I don't even know what she was trying to sweep! So yesterday I bought a new broom but hid it in my bedroom closet so I have something to sweep inside with after she leaves since she really kind of ruined my broom I had just bought.

This is half to be humerous about what the weekend has been like and half to vent. You have to kind of laugh at the picture of this woman out there in the dark sweeping the dirt in the yard! I hope you can kind of laugh at some of this because trying to agree on where the garbage cans should be is kind of funny because what's the big deal? I'll just be glad when they are gone and I have my peace and quiet back! Obviously I haven't had time for hiking this weekend, and today I couldn't even if I wanted too because I'm so sore. But I will finish bagging some stuff that is still in piles where I raked it yesterday. And hopefully ironing and hanging my new curtains. And getting some other odd jobs done. And also hopefully relaxing little!

I bought one of those mini exercise trampolines the other day that I'm looking forward to using to do some low impact walking on while watching tv sometimes. However this weekend hasn't been the time to try it LOL! I went to an exercise group a couple of years ago that had one and it was fun to be on. I know my granddaughters are going to have fun with it too. They love to use all my exercise equipment to play but that is good because they are getting activity. They are 8 and 10 years old. So I know I'll be sharing.

Hope you have a great Sunday if you managed to get through all my ramblings this morning!
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    Wow, that is a lot of work you did!! I can imagine how stressful it was to have her hanging around - I suspect she was trying to 'pretty up' the place so she could raise the rent. Sounds like she really does NEED the income but as is typical of a lot of landlords, doesn't want to invest the $$ to keep up the place in the meantime. I hope she realizes that having a long-term tenant like you is a major benefit to her - if you were to move out, she would have to do a LOT of repair and maintenance to re-rent the place, just because that's the way it always is. I hope everything gets fixed properly and I'm sure between the work she's getting done and your own efforts, it will look great!!

    Just think of the million calories you burned and how much stronger you are now that you've done that workout, haha - maybe that will help the aches and pains a bit - enjoy that mini trampoline - I've never tried one but OMG, sounds like I'll never catch up with you steps-wise now - but at least you give me a great target to chase!
    1965 days ago
  • STRINGI719
    You continue to inspire me, Linda! You are a SAINT! emoticon
    1965 days ago
  • BREW99
    makes me tired just reading about how busy you are!
    1965 days ago
    WOW!!! You really worked hard! I feel I had a work out just reading about your workout!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1966 days ago
    1967 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    you really got a lot done
    give the girls limits on the minitrampoline, we don't want any bumped heads or broken arms from trying to bounce too high
    1967 days ago
    emoticon on your hard work @ yard. Must be looks nice now. Enjoy your new bathrooms and cleaned yard.
    1967 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    Considering all the expense they caused (especially the hotel and the inconvenience) I hope the rent does not go up! And you can put the garbage cans back when they are gone....

    You have such patience to deal with all the people and personalities in your home and work - I don't think I would do so well!
    1968 days ago
    well -- at least, hopefully, the work will be well done and, as Wendy says, you can have the pleasure of having them all leave. will remind you about what tranquility is like (to the extent that your house is ever tranquil ... but more so than with workers and landladies). good luck!
    1968 days ago
    I'm sure you will be glad when this project is done and the crew is gone. It seems it is costing you a lot ( money, inconvenience and patience) to have that fixed. But you got a good workout out of the deal. And I suspect you will be doing the happy dance as they drive away.
    1968 days ago
  • L1ZB3TH354
    Sorry you have to endure your land lady. I would hate for mine to come "visit"! Then to have one that comes over and redecorates. Sounds like you had a good upper body workout! Hope everything gets back to normal soon. Have a great Sunday. emoticon
    1968 days ago
    Busy!!! But I'm sure everything will look great :-)
    1968 days ago
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