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Ten Ways to Spark During the Super Bowl

Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Super Bowl is the land for temporary diet derailment for many. What, with all those Super Bowl party goodies around, I know you know that I know of what I am blogging. So, ever helpful, consider the following constructive suggestions:

1. When a Team Scores a First Down - "Down" a giant gulp of Sparky water.

2. When you hear any announcer or commentator say "Harbaugh" or "HarBowl" - Dump the remainder of anything sweet, caloric or fattening that is on your plate, uneaten.

3. When a ball is kicked - Have a fruit or vegetable. Un-dipped and un-coated. The way nature intended.

4. Each time a point is scored - A jumping jack or push-up. Touchdown? Do seven.

5. A Ray Lewis tear? - 8 oz of the good 'ol Sparky Water, down the hatch.

6. A turnover (i.e., fumble or interception): whatever is unhealthy or "Sparky non-compliant" is on your plate, hits the trash can or garbage disposer, immediately.

7. Injury timeout - A whole lot of time for another 8 oz of Sparky water.

8. Beyonce - Unless you are a fan, halftime provides a wonderful opportunity to get up, put on your winter parka and walk briskly around the house or building you are in. She's on for 14 minutes; for me that's a cool 10 laps or so around the house.

9. Beer Ad on TV - dump any beverage that may be in your glass, cup or bottle, unless it is water.

10. Caloric food on TV - dump any caloric or fattening food on your plate, unless it is a raw, undipped fruit or vegetable.

Feel free to add more, and comment before with your thoughts, and progress in enduring this event (which for me, with my team in it, may be worse than Thanksgiving). Hope this helps.

11 - Just thought of another one (six hours after posting): PENALTIES - get up off the couch and jog in place, one step per yard.
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