Saturday, February 02, 2013

Well, here I am again. I have no idea what prompted it. I've been scanning through other blogs and pages and maybe that was some sort of instigation. Then again...who knows.

It's COLD here today! Cold and I are not compatriots. Even though it's probably balmy for some of you, a high of 60° in FL is not my idea of fun. I'd had myself all worked up to go to the local medieval faire as a birthday outing - as I hope for every year - and, again, I was "weathered out." Usually it's rain. This year the rain came first. Still. I'm not going out to the fairgrounds and muck no matter how much I want to see the blacksmiths and harpmakers and other things I like. So...not this year either.

I had hoped to append a trip to our local university's animal science facility, where they sell at retail the animals they raise and slaughter in the course of teaching their students. The animals are all pastured, so it's like getting high-priced commercial meats for grocery prices. Close enough, anyway. I haven't been yet, and was eager. But again. Too cold. Well, it's not like there won't be other times I can go.

Here comes a curve! I was reading someone else's page (sorry, I don't remember whose), and they mentioned MBTI typing, and that they were INTP. I love that stuff. I was INTJ for most of my life...but I've been "mellowing" (?) in my dodderihood toward INTP. I suppose I have to claim to INTx. I'm always excited to hear others mention it, because it's not widely known in general circles, it seems.

I'm still debating theology with my pen pal friend. It's interesting and frustrating. I keep getting quoted at. That's not really my intent. Evidently it's his, though. Evangelism seems to be the object, there. Poor thing. He's going to be roundly disappointed in that effort. My press is toward variations and similarities between philosophies...and what I know of the development of Christianity. Don't you guys jump ship on me here! As my page notes, I am strongly spiritual; I'm just not religious, and I wouldn't classify myself as Christian. So he's on a mission to "save" me. I have literally boxes of really good material on theology here. None of it is negative toward the faith -- it just points out how things can be (and have been) misconstrued and misinterpreted. Any doctrine voted in by committee is immediately suspect, IMHO. But that's me. He won't/can't even look at it, much less give it any honest consideration. I suppose I am his challenge.

On the food front...I've hit another little wall. I hate that. For some reason, protein just isn't attractive to me the last little while, nor yet. I know better than to eat it "because I should" - that never works. Meanwhile, the calorie count (which I never watch) has been creeping up along with the carbs. THAT has to stop. I've redeveloped the late-night snackies, too. Another "has to stop." So the scale has stopped, too. I know what I need to do. I've just gotta jack myself up to do it.

I wonder how many of the rest of you might be battling multiple fronts insofar as foods? I have Issues. The restricted carbs is a "given." Then, beyond that, I have other health considerations which make roughage and protein difficult. I love salads. I crave salads! But if I eat more than half-a-cup to a cup of it, it wrecks my digestion. Protein, ditto. Less amount, naturally. The "leafy greens" we're encouraged toward affect me in much the same way. I don't know if it's the fiber or the content. FODMAPs wreck me. I love mushrooms, but can only eat them in limited quantity now, instead of their being a whole entree by themselves, as I used to do. Tomatoes hate me except for in small amounts, like ketchup or whatever comes in the spoon from a pot of simmering meatballs. Any cruciform veggies are problematic. It's amazing that I can find anything at all to keep the scale numbers from falling! I seem to manage, though.

Oh, I'm just rambling now. Perhaps it's time to ramble on over to something else for a while.
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    Re typing: now, see, I have another research project on my To-Do list. You (you should pardon the expression) sparked an idea with me, aheh.

    Re protein: took me a l-o-n-g time to sort it out - for myself, that is - but it's not protein per se that's the problem for me. Apparently. It seems to be the source of the protein. I'm still working on it, but the key - again, for myself - appears to be non-meat sources. It's working out for me much better than my previous all-or-nothing (or worse, some-but-too-little) methods of the past.

    I think that puts me in the Work In Progress camp--?
    2265 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    I was reading up on The 3-Season Diet: Eat the Way Nature Intended recently--the author advocates changing eating plans on a more or less seasonal schedule. Even in Florida it's a little early for spring, but that would be the time it's natural to eat less protein....

    Not sure I recommend the method or not--I was too annoyed with the writing style to finish. :-) But you might see if you can find it at the library--maybe mixing things up a little would help keep any one food type from causing too many digestive issues.
    2265 days ago
    I was an INFP for a long time. Now I sometimes test as INFJ or INTP.
    2265 days ago
  • 1SALMON1
    Oh GOOD - you have another post. I so enjoyed your previous and was hoping you'd write again soon. In this post you mentioned several things that resonate for me. First, I may be the person who brought up the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) - at least I mention it on my page & I haven't seen it on any others yet (tho out of the millions of pages on SP someone else must be into it). Ah look - Its right there on your page! Myers Briggs has been a big help to me sorting myself out and understanding other people better. As I get older I am more I - introverts rule! and more N - intuitive. I tend to be middling about the T/F scale, close to the middle; but get extreme again with J/P, heading farther out into Perceiver land every year. And Theology. Well! Don't get me started. Really. I'm in the no-religion camp and expect to stay there - tho right now I am reading Buddhism (mindfulness - perhaps helpful with several aspects of my life including food). Regarding food, good digestion etc. I have a theory. While my body is 60, my innards have digested way more than 60 years worth of food. All those organs are much closer to the end of their warranty than they should be due to hard over-use. So stuff that didn't used to bother me gives me indigestion now. Is it all protein that doesn't appeal? Can you do dairy (yogurt maybe, with little / no lactose)? Eggs? Good old rice & beans? or protein powder in smoothies? Many tiny meals? I have no good ideas... Anyway, thanks for writing!
    2265 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/3/2013 9:05:31 PM
    @ WOUBBIE ~

    I find it interesting that we introverts tend to be perhaps the most garrulous of members in online communities! I'm friendly in public, but the personality you see here isn't what you'd get from me "on the street.": I wonder how many of us there really are here in "safe places"?!?

    Yes, I'm pretty good with fats. I eat lots of butter, I use coconut oil for nearly all my cooking that requires oil ... although, I have to guiltily admit to resorting to peanut oil on occasion (I AM a southern girl, after all!). And I eat bacon like candy, even though I sometimes forget to add it on my Tracker. Some proteins are worse than others. Beef and pork I can take in limited quantities. I can't remember the last time I was able to eat a whole steak, even though it was delicious and I wanted it. My stomach started warning me about half a dozen bites into it. I can eat a fair amount of chicken. I love shellfish and white fish - but there's not much fat in either of those. I'm just muddling along. Creamy sauces help!

    I think the late-night thing is more discipline than true hunger. I've let myself lapse into MY normal hours, which means I don't get up until 10 or 11, and so I'm not tired enough to go to bed at other peoples' normal hours. Thus, I'm hungry at "dinnertime," which works out to be around 10 or 11 pm. Too late for food. I've gotta stop that!

    @ POPSY190 ~
    me too! part of my difficulty is that I've only come to the realization in the last few years (since I've been on this new nutritional regime) that appetite isn't hunger. What a thing to learn. Why didn't I know this?!? duh

    @ NOREGRET2010 ~

    yes, I think "respectful" is the operative there. I respect the beliefs and choices of others. In fact, I support my friend's perspective and faith. It is GOOD for him. He thrives on it, and I wouldn't want to do anything to take that feeling from him. I just object to instant adoption of someone else's perspective just because it's promoted (such as his religious mentors simply quoting scripture and warning him that any thought processes stemming from that teaching is heresy). Not only that, I'd really like to know if the way I'm reading the books I have raises different questions or conclusions from others. I want / need to know! But it's virtually impossible to expect or even hope for someone deeply rooted in a particular viewpoint to open themselves to any other one.
    OTOH, it can be somewhat humorous: Bless him, he regularly tells me the devil is leading me astray (to which I have to respond, "but I don't believe in a "devil"), or that if I don't "accept Jesus" (whatever that means) that I won't be "saved" (from what? I'm basically a good person...I don't need to repent of some huge defect), and the result will be I'll either go to hell or to heaven (neither of which I believe in!). So, there you are. All his best arguments are invalid in my philosophy. I'm sure I'm a great trial to him. But he cares, as you say about your friend...I don't want to give him cause for grief. I can't be deceptive about it though. That's part of *my* philosophy!
    2266 days ago
  • NOREGRET2010
    Regarding your friend trying to "save" you....sigh. I have one of those too. I came to a place a long time ago where I left the fundamental branch of crazy we had grown up in. I don't mind that she continues to follow that path, I just don't follow it anymore. It's not that I don't understand she is concerned for my salvation and the horror that is for her, it's that I don't believe that any more. I think, (gasp, that's what she considers the problem no doubt), well I think I have a belief system in place, it just doesn't match hers and is therefore wrong. And if she tries hard enough, she can redeem me.

    Likely not. But she's welcome to try - as long as she remains respectful.
    2266 days ago
  • POPSY190
    I like your language about war. I, too, feel that it's a kind of front in a constant war with my appetitie!
    2266 days ago
    Hey, I'm an INTJ too!

    I'm wondering, since protein is giving you trouble and you have the munchies, can you add more fat to your diet? I've started losing a tiny bit again since I added in some coconut oil and cut my protein by a bit.
    2266 days ago
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