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Tips to help you get that beauty (and healthful) sleep

Saturday, February 02, 2013

When i went to the doctor last week, one of the things he added to my meds was to aid in sleep. i hate taking those kinds of pills unless absolutely necessary. By then I'm usually so tired I do sleep! But one of the problems with being bipolar is when in a "high" you can go days without sleep. If you've been around Spark long enough and checked out a lot of the articles, you'll know we all need our 6-8 hours of sleep to be healthy. My doctor also gave me a sheet of some of the causes for insomnia. To me, that seems negative, so I've changed the wording to give tips for getting better sleep if at all possible.

1. Going to bed at the same time each night, including weekends

2. Avoid daytime napping or limit it to 30 minutes or less with none after 3:00PM

3. Avoid a bad sleeping environment of too much noise or light

4. if you don't fall asleep right away, rather than sped time in bed while awake, leave the bedroom and try reading a little or listen to some soft easy music.

5. Be sure to get enough exercise

6. Don't use the television, computer, or smartphone in bed.

7. Use your bedroom for sleeping and/or sex only.

8. Try a warm bath, reading, or the soft easy music within an hour before bedtime.

The use of some medications and drugs may also affect sleep. Here is a list of possible contributors:

1. Alcohol or other drugs

2. Heavy smoking

3. Too much caffeine, especially late in the day

4. Getting used to certain types of sleep medications

5. Some cold medications and diet pills

6. Other medicines, herbs, or supplements prescribed by a health care provider or bought on your own

Physical, social, and mental health issues are something else that can affect sleep patterns, including:

1. Anxiety disorders

2. Bipolar disorder

3. Certain medical conditions, such as thyroid disease

4. Feeling sad or depressed. Often, insomnia is the symptom that causes people with depression to seek medical help.

5. Physical pain or discomfort

6. Stress, whether it is short-term or long-term. For some people, the stress caused by the insomnia makes it even harder to fall asleep. Work on reducing as much of that stress as is possible.

There are several things that can work against you that you cannot control. Some of these are:

1. working night shifts

2. breathing problems that cause you to sleep sitting up

3. working many hours a day ie 10 or 12 hour at a time shifts

4. A high stress job

If any of these four affect you, try your best to work with them rather than against them, especially getting as much stress as possible out of your life or try to leave that stress at work and not bring it home with you. Even with long hours or backward shifts, set your sleep time and stick with it. if you have to sleep during the day, darken your room with heavy curtains.

I hope some of these can help you if like me, you can fall asleep but then wake up after an hour or two and can't go back to sleep until just before time to get up. Not only does lack of sleep distract from your beautiful faces with those nasty dark circles, but it also interferes with your health and weight loss program.

For all my Buds, have a super Sunday and try to stay warm - or cool - depending on your location in the world.

Peace Love Hope

I saw some beautiful sunflowers blooming the other day. I hope the freezes didn't get them.
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