Three Things: 2/2/13

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Intro: a semi-daily, indulgent blog about one woman's war on clutter, one teeny tiny battle at a time - by ridding herself of 3 things a day.

Odd. I've been struggling for MONTHS with plateauing and then slowly regaining weight. When I am "in weight loss mode" I refer to it as being "in control," and that speaks for itself, I think. I don't think of it negatively, as in "deprivation" or especially chirpy and positive like, "taking care of myself." Since starting this clear-the-clutter project, I've lost two pounds. Typing occupies my time, sure, but satisfying that "in control" part of me is good. I work really weird hours and often go without sleep, so any time I can grab a little structure, I find it comforting.

Maybe even as comforting as eating.
Okay, maybe not AS comforting as eating, but comforting enough.

Selecting only three things a day - while not bringing in anything new is also a good strategy to go with weight loss. I have no trouble carefully considering the things I'll throw away and patiently chip away at the excess. Um, the parallel to weight loss is right there: small steps add up and over the course of a year if I'm just patient - and don't "undo" my good work with regular cheating I won't gain.

On to today's 3:

1. A promotional pen. If you've seen my prior post, I have a thing for pens. This is not one of those pens. Besides, it represents a few of the things I've been throwing away in this: if you're looking to stay organized and clutter-free, resist or throw away free key-chains, pens, magnets, labels, post-its, etc. etc. etc. I was just fine without them before someone decided to market their way into my heart and precious storage space.

Result? Thrown away.

2. Toothbrush. I am an empty nester. Why do I have 7 toothbrushes? Am I expecting my kids to visit with 4 friends? Should I actually be in that situation, do I expect that oral hygiene will be amongst their concerns? I put one toothbrush with my jewelry (for cleaning) and one with my shoe polish box (for detailing) and threw the rest away (this toothbrush represents 4).

Result? Thrown away. When these kids sleep over they don't even ask for blankets, let alone toothbrushes. Seriously, 7? What is that about?

3. Spartacus advanced DVD. One of the perks of working in books/music/movies is that you get the BEST advanced samples. You get an amazing amount of crap, too, but that's beside the point. You, as a salesperson, are wooed with free stuff so you can watch, fall in love with, and then recommend to your customers. Even if you don't like it you kind of feel some sort of obligation to promote the stuff. Marketing people are not stupid. Anyway, I love the movie Spartacus, once called, "The Manliest Movie of All Time." Try to keep a straight face listening to Tony Curtis deliver almost any of his lines ("I am Antoninus. Singar of Songz." "To my master's children, whom I also taught da classics.") Beautiful. And I dare you - can you breath through the amazing part of the movie where Sir Lawrence Olivier tries to seduce one Tony Curtis with the Oysters and Snails analogy (for the record, the original sound track was lost and Anthony Hopkins perfectly recreated Olivier's part)?
I digress.
Though I no longer work in the entertainment field, I still have a ton of stuff that someone would appreciate, even as I do not.
This DVD has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the movie. I tried to watch the TV show. I'm biased, I freely admit it. However, I found (after 5 months of work) a guy at work who DOES love the TV show.

Result? The DVD is his.

No Keeper of the Day today.

“Trash is something you get rid of - or disease. I'm not something you get rid of.” ~ Lana Turner
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I really like it that you are relieving yourself of the burden of all this STUFF. You know, I was thinking about why I don't get attached to stuff---remember the other day when we were talking about it...well, I read this blog once by this girl that cleaned up the homes of deceased folks, and she was saying how they have so much STUFF and every bit of it goes to the trash and how your kids have to go through it all and its hard for them plus they don't know what to do with it all....and I think it somehow impacted me because I aim to leave my house empty when I die lol

    The exceptions is stuff I actually use or really truly enjoy. Like, I have all this Raw Foods equipment that I'm enjoying a lot and I've already gotten rid of all except about 2 cooking dishes and an iron skillet...but I have some dolls that are clutter I guess, but I love them. One is a Drowsy, 1963, one is a Baby Secret, 1959's or thereabouts, and one is this robot doll that I still "play" with on occasion. Plus I have a Raggedy An and Raggedy Andy that I sewed myself, from a kit, a few years ago. Go figure lol

    But you are doing great. And I think your thoughts about weight loss going hand in hand with clutter reduction is insightful and right on target.
    1967 days ago
    I really, really like this idea. I had always thought of "cleaning" as something more on the level of all those things that were obviously in the way and not being used. I hadn't even thought about all those drawers with an incredible amount of stuff that really will never be used. I am going to start today. Thank you for a very good way to do something positive and will help.
    (Can't give up the magnets though, my refirgerator wouldn't be able to stand up without them! emoticon )
    1967 days ago
    This is an amazing idea. I love it! 3 items at a time seems so reasonable and doable.
    1967 days ago
    I'm a pack rat, too. Moving a couple of times in the past 6 months has helped, but having a place to stash my stuff limited the benefit. Good luck chipping away at the hills.
    1968 days ago
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