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Homophobia week X_X

Saturday, February 02, 2013

So my last blog got a lot of attention because of one person posting that i was heading down a dangerous path by having strong feelings for my best friend, and left a link to a gay therapy site.
My GLBT family on here came to the rescue along with my oldest sister.

im so lucky for that =) and grateful =)

but unfortunately the week didnt stop there.

Me and the friend i mention earlier along with living together also, well , work together.
we have been working at our job for over a year, and every day that i have worked there one of my managers (tom) has always been severely mean to me. I never understood why until this week.

I had gone to higher ranking people in my workplace about tom mistreating me embarrassing me screaming at me and i was told that their was nothing to do unless he called me names swore at me or harmed me in someway.

I had done job searching for over he period of a year that i worked there but i had always been so busy between work and school that it was hard to keep interviews and get to job opportunities.

Apperently when my friend was working with a coworker one day, when we started working there. she had confided in her that she is bisexual and also told her other personal information. The next day the rumor was spread that me and my friend were lesbians and were in a relationship. Tom is extremely homophobic as a result he has mistreated me since.

I learned all of that thursday night, friday at school all we talked about was gay marriage and gender identities in my classes x_x

this all has been a wake up call to me to realize that even though the love i feel is pure not everyone sees that and some people feel threatened by it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    thank you so much for all the support!
    Msilver94- what you said insipired me to really pay attention to how i think about situations!
    Tennisjim- i work at a local chain drug store so there really is no protection for any of the employees many of my coworkers have been sexually harassed by tom and he still has his job. the place is pretty messed up when it comes to employee protection
    1905 days ago
    Just do what you ferel is right for yu!!!--Lynda emoticon
    1905 days ago
    Even though, the Gay Community have reached greater acceptance in recent will always encounter homophobes. Does your work place provide sexual orientation protection?
    1905 days ago
    Its sounds like you are in a tight spot working with her and living with her. I understand that your schedule is busy but I do think you should continue to apply out to get from under tom and her and get a restart to your life. Like others posted before you will only drive yourself crazy staying in that situtation! I am happy and glad you met a guy! How exciteing... And you should continue to get to know him and see what can come up it! Grow everyday, a small bit at a time and become stronger. But most importantly ALWAYS think positive and send positive things your way. Thinking negative only shines a light more onto negativity. Always think the best, look for the best and expect the best!!! Best wishes!
    1905 days ago
    Well, some people are idiots. Gay/Straight/Whatever, if two people really love each other it's a wonderful and beautiful thing. emoticon
    1905 days ago
    Wow. I never understood how perfect strangers have the audacity to make homophobic, racist, judgemental, hideous comments on the pages of strangers. No, I get it. People get really comfortable behind the security of cyber space. I didn't read your previous blog but if you are having feelings for your best friend, it is only "dangerous" if she is a bad person because of her behavior, but I am guessing she isn't because she IS your best friend. Don't let hateful people bring you down. Your happiness and success is revenge enough.
    1906 days ago
    That sucks about the boss. I didn't read your other blog yet, but yay for your LBGT family having your back when needed!!
    1906 days ago
  • DO4FIT
    I have not read your other blog, but I am sorry to hear about you being treated like that by a "superior" or higher up at your work. Personal feelings about things should be set aside while at work as it has nothing to do with your ABILITY to do your job . I wish you luck in either getting it straightened out at work or in finding a new job!!
    1906 days ago
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