The 3 C's of Success

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Good Evening Spark Friends!
I've been under the weather all week long with a respiratory virus and also the effects of my first week on Metformin. You might say I have had a "Double Whammy". I can feel myself coming out the other side now. Whew.... My fasting Blood Sugar has gotten better every day and I was down to 112 this morning which is the lowest fasting number I have had since before my diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2 a couple of years ago. My food has been great and I am seeing some more weight release. Yay!

My success the last several weeks reminded me of something I remember hearing several years ago concerning the 3 C's of Success. They were Courage, Commitment and Consistency. Those 3 things are helping me in my endeavor to embrace a new way of taking care of myself in a healthy way.

Whenever I get out of my box and try something new, I require Courage. I need Courage to change my old way of thinking. Instead of thinking, "I never succeed, I now say, "I am succeeding."

Commitment to me simply means I have a plan and I plan on sticking to it to the best of my ability. Having no plan is the same as having no commitment. Saying, I "want" to eat healthy isn't commitment. Buying the food, preparing it, taking it to work and eating it is commitment. Saying, "I want to exercise" is not commitment. Planning time in my day to exercise and having a plan on increasing my exercise and then following through on exercising is commitment.

Consistency is all about what I do "most of the time". I believe it isn't what one does part of the time that makes the big difference in my life. I believe it is what I do "most of the time" that makes the big difference in my life. When I choose to have a healthy breakfast at least 6 out of 7 days that is consistency. When I choose to exercise at least 5 out of 7 days, that is consistency. When I pack my lunch 4 out of 5 days, that is consistency.

I have struggled with my weight for so many years. This time I have the intention of being successful. I made myself a little bookmark that has the following 3 intentions on it:
1. My intention is to be free from the bondage of food.
2. My intention is to have an A1C below 6.5
3. My intention is to feel totally energized and nourished by the food I eat.

I believe I will be successful in achieving all of those intentions because I have a plan that involves...Courage, Commitment and Consistency and I am apply action to the plan.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! Linda emoticon
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