Week 7 - Half Marathon Training

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Today's assignment was to walk 7 miles. I did it on my treadmill, as usual, and had set the goal to finish in 2:12:30. I was able to finish it in 2:08. WooHoo! By the end I have been tired but my body doesn't hurt while I'm on the treadmill, different story once I get off.

I'm so proud of myself that I have not missed a single day of workouts in 7 weeks!
Next weeks assignment is 8miles. I'm setting the goal to do it in 2:28

I have a brother training for his first marathon. He did 14.75 miles today running 8min miles. He is very inspiring! He mentioned his time goal for the marathon is 3:45:00. I told him that sounds like a good goal for my Half. So there it is, I've set that goal. Out for all to see. And now something for me to work towards.

On a different note I get to go on a date tonight! A date with my 16yo, 6'9" son. My niece is an amazing ballerina, 17 yo and is a trainee for a professional ballet troup in our state. She is performing in Swan Lake tonight and gave us two tickets. My son and I will be heading for dinner and then on to the performance. My family is being so supportive with my goals, my wonderful son said I could pick where we're going for dinner to make sure I can find a healthy choice!

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