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February Rocks! Here's why...

Saturday, February 02, 2013

February rocks for several reasons, but I will name a few very quickly and then let you get on with your day as it is 1:30pm and I still haven't had a second cup of coffee yet!

- I have smiled through most of January and am keeping it going in February. Today I am smiling and on cloud 10 because 9 was already taken!

- I had a wonderful Friday night "date night" with Alaska Man and am assured there are many more to come.

- I am laughing at my failed attempts to make bread... and failure usually makes me blow a gasket, so I am learning to take things in stride. That is SOOOOO good for me.

- I have realized that while I love to work out, I also love a day of cleaning and laboring in the house if it can keep me warm! I am not impressed with the temperature fluctuations, but staying inside and cleaning yesterday was cathartic and necessary.

- My bestest buddy on here sent me an amazing foam roller for my birthday and I used it yesterday and it actually put a vertebra BACK where it belongs. I was shocked and ever so thankful. Once that happened I knew I shouldn't walk, so I didn't... and I didn't die from not walking, either.

- I am learning to relax and come into my own a little bit. I am gaining confidence, even if I can turn my fat roll into a simulated mouth and make it talk to people - okay, I only showed Di this, but I found it hilariously depressing... so I still laughed and THAT is awesome. Heck, the fact that I showed my fat roll to ANYONE is impressive as it is the bane of my existence most days and I am humiliated by it. Not so much anymore, but used to be.

- I am starting to see changes in my overall body composition. The fat roll is there and accentuated in most of my shirts... at 43 inches around, you can't miss it! But I have REALLY been looking in the mirror lately, and I DO see changes, and they are pretty incredible even if I have to look hard.

- And I love my group off hell-raisers, weight-watchers, dog-lovers, arthritics, procrastinators, depressed goddesses, and smokers and non-smokes alike, that I have met on this site. You make every day possible for someone just by being you and being here. Every time you have a bad day and share it with the universe, it gives someone the opportunity to do something that is selfless, free and expressive. You give someone the opportunity to relate, commiserate, and reach out to let you KNOW that you are NOT alone.

(I am listening to "Keep on Rocking in the Free World" by Neil Young... inspirational music! LOL)

Peace, Love, and YES... Hippiness,
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