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Am I a Food-a-holic?

Saturday, February 02, 2013

I am not making light of this -- I am serious. I have been in maintenance for over four years, and yet, I have specific behaviors that let me know that I am never free of the slidy slope to mindless eating. I like healthful eating and generally do eat a healthy diet. I like exercise and do it daily. But things pop in my mind when I least expect them to and that is why I always have to be “on guard”.

This is what I mean:

1) When I am sitting in a room with other people, or even in the next room and I hear the crinkle of paper or cellophane, I immediately think “candy” or “chips”.

2) I walked in a doctor’s office the other day and saw a decorative dish with bright objects in it and thought “candy”. It was full of little bright glass balls.

3) I do not buy cheezits anymore because I know I will be having them as snacks everyday instead of once in a while.

4) I need to log food, or have some other source of outside help to keep me on track. When I am not paying attention, I tend to think it is all calorie free.

I am usually disciplined enough not to give in and if I do indulge occasionally I am okay with that. I am able to not binge, because I don’t like the discomfort of being too full. I am thankful for the SparkPeople site and the teams that I am on that keep me where I am right now.

But I wonder if I will ever be like other thin persons who don’t even think of food, or who just always choose the healthy one because they like it? They seem to naturally balance things out; so if they eat more one day; they eat less the next. That is what I am aiming for; then I will know I have overcome.
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    Thanks for your blog, Anne! All I can say is "Me Too"!

    One day at a time. Hugs, Lizzie
    2115 days ago
    Great insight. You're on the right track!
    2116 days ago
    Anne, You're not alone! This past Christmas season gave me insight into what would happen if I quit thinking about the calories everytime I take a bite of something. Though I rarely track on the computer or on paper anymore, I always have a running total going in my head. You may recall that I dipped below my target weight range right before Thanksgiving. All of my clothes became loose and I dropped my calorie counting guard. For the following 6 weeks, I ate what I wanted and didn't keep a running total. I gained a pound a week! Lesson learned. Great blog. You hit the nail on the head for me too!
    2116 days ago
    Actually, once a thin lady commented to me how she works at not overeating and I suddenly realized that even thin people have many of the same temptations, but they learned from stage 1 to make correct choices!
    But, with that said and done, many of us here on SPARK ARE food-aholics. If we tend to use food for other purposes (calming ourselves, self-pampering), and food has taken a point where it is being a destructive part of our lives,then we qualify as food-aholics. Leaving that mindset probably takes YEARS. I know that stress sends me straight to the food cuboard (or at least in the direction of!)
    2116 days ago
    You mean it's not just me??? emoticon

    So glad I'm not alone in feeling this way, Anne! Maybe someday we'll have conditioned our minds to think differently, but at this point I'm still wired the same way you are. Together, though, we WILL stay strong in the face of temptation!

    emoticon emoticon
    2116 days ago
    Anne thanks for sharing I completely understand I also wonder if I will ever be like my skinny friends who just seem to have so much control and don't even think about food like I do they don't even weigh or log their food choices and stay thin
    2116 days ago
    Anne, I too am in control. But it is something I need to work on every day. It is not easy. I still crave things that I should not have. I also crave healthy foods, but if I am near cookies or candies, I need all my willpower to not eat that.

    I do not think this will ever change.

    2117 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    I bet everyone wants to indulge in things, you just don't see it. The healthiest eaters still make conscious choices to eat apples instead of cinnamon buns.
    2117 days ago
    everyone is different. what is normal for one is not for someone else. it's time to be concerned with what is normal for you. if seeing food makes you want to eat it, whether you should or not, that is your normal. if candy creates obsessive thoughts, that is your normal. Maintaince is a life long process. that's why it's called maintaince. a healthy lifeplan takes constant attention.
    2117 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I do not think that I will ever be normal either. I cannot stay in a chocolate store for too long, when I start thinking about eating chocolate. I put away Xmas cookies out of sight, so I do look at them.

    You are doing wonderful by maintaining for 4 years.
    I read somewhere that weight is managed not cured.

    My always thin friends do watch their weight and do not always eat healthy foods..but they do not worry about it and just cut back. We formerly obese people (me) worry.
    2117 days ago
    I, too, got things under control a few years back, and, I have to say, I don't think I'll ever be normal in this sense. I still have to make a conscious effort at it, and there are, as you note, people for whom it comes naturally. I was in the teachers' room at school yesterday and there was a Boston Cream Cake that someone had brought in. I watched and I noticed that several of my very tiny co-workers walked in and never even gave it a glance. However, one of the women who has lost a lot of weight walked in and kept looking at it the whole time she was there (as I did...). I asked my para (100 pounds if she's an ounce) if she had been tempted by the cake and she said, "Well, I just had lunch, so no." Eating is functional for some people, I think. I could have just finished Thanksgiving dinner and that cake would have been a temptation. It has nothing to do with hunger or even taste, I see food and I want it. *sigh*
    2117 days ago

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