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Saturday, February 02, 2013

I've been a busy bee, sorry for the lack of updates! Here we go:

-I observed my 29th birthday with a bit of wine, pizza, and cupcakes which did not reflect well on the scale. [Still at the same weight. At least I haven't gone up!]
-It's been COLD [below zero wind chills] and icy so I haven't been out running nearly as much as I'd like. The cold doesn't bother me as much [yesterday it was 10F wind chills and I was out in that], but I don't go running when it's icy. I don't want to risk falling and spraining my ankle for another 6 months.
-I've been doing a lot of work on my house, so now I have a nice cozy home library to curl up in with a good book [but my workout room's been relegated to the smaller room as a result]. I've also got brand new carpets in 4 rooms! And I'm supposed to be getting a new couch and loveseat within the next couple weeks.
-I now work 2 days a week at the library, which might be increasing to 3 pretty soon. I absolutely love it and I'm actually making friends with the staff. :)
-And now, for the big news...

As I've mentioned in passing a couple times, I've been trying to get back into school for a second bachelor's degree [biology] so I can go to vet school and finally achieve my lifelong dream of being a veterinarian. Well, I had to go to one of the schools that I applied to on Wednesday for an interview and setting up a "plan of study" [since I'm a second bachelor's candidate, I don't have to do all the core courses and stuff] and at the end, he told me that I had been accepted! I'm still waiting on the official acceptance letter [he had to sign it, send it to the dean, who had to sign it and then send it to admissions and get me entered into the system before it could be sent out.] And of the two schools I applied to, I was leaning towards this one anyway [it's cheaper and close by, but it doesn't have a dedicated Animal Science program so that's the downside, but the one that does is way more expensive and would take about 2 hours by bus to get to].

So, provided that I get approved for financial aid, I can start as early as the end of May! [Since I'm not a freshman, I don't have to wait for orientation, etc.]. If summer financial aid doesn't go through, however, I'll be starting in September. Here's hoping it gets approved! Ahhh, I'm really excited and can't wait!

So now I'm even more motivated to get as close to my goal weight as possible before classes start, because I don't know how much time I'll be able to dedicate to fitness when you factor in classes, labs, homework, and studying. I've been treating fitness like my full time job for the last year and while I realize how lucky I've been regarding that, I'm nervous about juggling it with school *and* the library [let's be honest, the library threw me off my game for a while there as well]. So, since we've established that I can definitely maintain while I'm busy, I want to get as close to my goal weight as I possibly can in the next 4 months and I'll be happy with just maintaining then. [My first round in college, I was a full-time student and I also worked full-time, and I still managed to lose 65 pounds and keep it off. I'm going to be a part-time student and also only working part-time so this is totally doable, but I'm still apprehensive about it.]

The other perks to being back in school besides, you know, being back in school: I'll have health insurance again [!! I've gone so long without it that actually being able to get an annual exam is pretty much a foreign concept to me now], and the school has a free gym AND POOL that I'll have access to! I'm really excited for this, because there are no community pools for me to swim in around here [when your city declares bankruptcy, all the free services shut down like the community center, the pool... and the library]. So, yeah. I better take advantage of that gym and pool once I start classes!

I don't usually wish for summer, because I love winter and hate the heat, but... is it May yet?
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