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When Should I Be Weighing Myself?

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Alright, folks, this is getting frustrating. Today was the first weigh date where I actually had a goal that I wanted to reach. And if memory serves me correctly, it required me to lose something like 1 lb in two weeks. Did I manage it? No. I've been working really hard this week and haven't lost anything. I haven't really gone up, but I've plateaued (and been there for about a month) and as I'm sure many of you know that is more frustrating than anything. What's really annoying is that on Tuesday I was feeling pretty good so I stepped on the scale to have a look-see what the case was and it read 154.3! That was 1.2 lbs down from my Saturday weigh in. Needless to say, that gave me some hope for this morning's goal. But when I stepped on the scale first things this morning it read 160.4. I know my scale is ridiculous sometimes and tried stepping on it again about 20 minutes later, at which point the scale said 155.6. What the heck is THAT about? It's just getting frustrating and really discouraging. Not to mention, with the week I feel I've been having, I was so looking forward to seeing some scale success.

Anyway, on to the question at hand: my weigh days are usually on Saturday, which is my rest day, but I'm wondering, should I be weighing myself AFTER my rest day? Effectively giving my muscles time to relax and come down from any inflammation they're suffering due to my week's workouts? I've experienced this before, so that's why I ask. Last night (and for most of the week, really) I was in a fair amount of pain because I feel like I was really pushing myself this week. Plus, this was the first week of the "max interval" month for Insanity. Maybe it's like when I first started Insanity and my muscles weren't used to it but by about the third week I saw a difference in weight. Do I just need to wait it out for my body to adjust to it?

What this morning comes down to though is that I'm feeling really disappointed in myself. I feel like this was a goal I should have been able to meet. It was small, it was reasonable, it was simple. The past few weeks I've just been so tired of seeing 155 show up on my scale and my goal weight seems like a silly goal that I don't really believe I can reach. I want to reach it, but it seems far away. Being at a plateau for a month's time is really bothersome. I haven't had any weight loss success in that time, despite feeling like I'm getting stronger and losing more. And I know it sounds vain, but I'm at that point again where I just wish someone would say "hey, you look like you've lost weight!". That outside validation from people can be extremely motivating. But I guess all I can do is wait and keep pushing and keep trying for that goal. I know it's not good to surround yourself with negative thoughts, especially about your own goals, but some days it's hard to be positive. I'll try my best.
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    I definitely feel your pain. Seems like I've been there and I'm still there. But… I agree your scale seems wonky. emoticon
    I was told to get the most accurate readings you should be well hydrated, not have worked out within 12 hours of a weigh in, or eaten within 4 hours. The same day of the week is best, but what you eat the day before matters too. Having 300 calories of potato chips will effect your body differently then 300 calories of lean protein.

    My husband and I have been eating mostly a Paleo diet, lots of veggies and lean proteins and no grains. My scale was rewarding me. Then one night last week I ate whole wheat pasta (a weighed out 2 oz serving, which isn't that much) for dinner. I did not go over my calories for the day, and everything else was the same, but within an hour I could feel my body bloating, and in the morning I got on the scale and I was up 4 pounds! emoticon I knew it wasn't real fat weight, but still emoticon

    So stay strong! Believe in yourself. You'll figure out what your body needs, and you WILL get this DONE!
    1932 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    Some days it is hard! Check that, all the days are hard along this journey because if it were easy, why would we need things like Spark? So first of all, keep your chin up! You have lost weight and you have made progress!

    I would also say that you have an issue with your scale. There really shouldn't be anything close to that kind of difference between weigh-ins. As far as weigh-in days go, for the most part it doesn't matter. But, if you want the most accurate readings you should probably do a couple of things. One, find a good scale and use the same one every time. Two, weigh in at the same time of day. Meaning, if you weigh in on Saturday mornings, always try to weigh in on Saturday mornings.

    You have definitely hit a plateau and you need to change something up! You are doing Insanity which changes your exercises all of the time, so that means you really need to take a good look at your diet and tweak a few things there. I am going to email you here in a bit some more things about diet as far as food goes. I hope some of the info can help you in some sort of way. I really think it is probably just a minor change or two and you will be on your way!

    I know you have been busy and have a busy couple of days with your presentation coming up so don't let not getting your goal bring you down to much. Good luck on your presentation and I will do my best to help you out with the diet!
    1933 days ago
    For your weight to fluctuate THAT much - it would seem to me that your scale is not at all accurate. I weigh at the grocery store on a huge commercial scale (it's free) and it seems extremely accurate within 1/2 pound. Even so, my weight fluctuates up and down a couple pounds depending on how hydrated I am, how much I ate the night before, (whether I've gone to the bathroom or not), etc. Hang in there. You're doing fine. I'm impressed by how much you exercise. I need to do a WHOLE lot more of that.
    1934 days ago
  • JO28352
    emoticon Hang in there!
    1934 days ago
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