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February Beginnings

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Well, one month of 2013 has come and gone. That month was interesting, to say the least. I am curious to see what February will bring.

First of all, thank you to all who voted to make my 5 year look-back blog a featured post! I am not sure I ever said out loud anywhere, but secretly I've always wanted a blog to be featured... I wanted to have something be inspiring to others. It was a great way to celebrate my 5 year milestone. I didn't expect it at all, honestly. And I couldn't believe I'd ever be inspirational to someone (or many someones!) else considering my journey has been more of the "slow and [sorta] steady" variety. 45lbs in 5 years doesn't seem like much to celebrate, but then I have to remind myself (because you wonderful SparkFriends remind me!) that everyone's journey is different. And it's true. I wish my journey would have seen more success in a shorter time, but that was not the way it was meant to be. And that's perfectly okay. When it seems like the journey is taking too long, remember what the destination will ultimately be. And I discovered a long time ago that my journey was less about weight loss and more about good health. I want to be healthy and happy... weight loss is just a bonus side-effect.

I noticed since moving away from San Diego that my blogs have more or less a "negative" tone to them. Yes, I am struggling to find my place here and I'm struggling to feel okay about this move. I hate it in my hometown and I really didn't want to ever have to move back in with my parents (especially right as I turned 30!). It's also natural and okay to be feeling those feelings. But, I can't let them take control. I'm working on being more positive. That saying "fake it 'til you make it" apparently has some merit... I've read if you don't feel happy to just smile anyway. Eventually that smile will be genuine and lift you out of your mood. That's kinda the approach I'll be taking. If I need to get something off my chest, I will, but otherwise, I'm really going to try to focus on the positives that are happening in my life.

Starting with school. Miraculously I was able to get into the statistics class I was crashing. Not that I want to be in that class since I'm terrible at and really hate math, but I need it to apply to a grad school, so I'll do it for the greater good. And at least its something to occupy my time. :-) I'm also in a Photoshop class, and so far I'm enjoying it. I've learned quite a bit already! Not anything of professional caliber, but that might come as the semester wears on. So far I can change eye color, lip color, add a window where there wasn't one, and change the background of an image. I'm hoping it'll help make my photos for my other blog better... speaking of which...


Feast your eyes and bellies on this! (I should mention I didn't Photoshop this photo, so don't judge too harshly...)

Also, this:

That one I did do a little bit of the ol' 'shoppin'... Just a touch, though. Like I said, I've learned a lot, but not enough to have pro-caliber photos.

Secondly, I have a tentative workout plan. I have to say this because it involves working out outdoors, which as I've mentioned before, won't fly come March or April when the temps go above 90*F. Daily. Even more so when they go above 110*F. DAILY. I'm going to check to see if my school's weight room/gym thingy has open gym hours. I'm not going to hold my breath, but it won't hurt to ask. My grandmother has offered me the use of her treadmill, but I have no way to get it to my house and no where to put it if I did get it here. Maybe I don't need to sleep on a bed... A pillow and some blankets could make the TREADMILL comfy to sleep on, right? HA! I kid. In the meantime, on Tuesdays and Thursdays when my brother goes to class, I can go walk on the track next to the school. Its one of those ones that has the lanes nicely painted and it's all squishy 'cuz it's made out of chopped up rubber tires or something. Anyway, I walked 2 miles on it on Thursday and had no problems with shin splints! However, it turns out 2 miles was a little much considering I haven't worked out in a REALLY, REALLY long time. I stretched after walking and even did a short warm up beforehand, but maybe a 16 minute mile walk was WAY too much for me. I should have started small and begun working my way back up to that level, but I figured time was of the essence. Also, it's not like I'm not active. Today, though... DOMS for the lose! As the day wore on, I became less and less able to function normally. Then I was unable to walk for more than a few steps at a time. So, I had to give myself the day off. Not like I had a plan anyway... no one was heading out to the school so I could walk the track. I need to figure out something else... and quick.

Well, I hope ya'll will consider following my other blog. I'm trying to reach more people so I can get more feedback on it. I'm going to be posting something small weekly, something big monthly (I hope), and photos for a little challenge I'm doing daily. All in an effort to keep positive.

Hmmm... I can't have a blog without a photo in it...

Some terribly unhealthy, but sinfully delicious, peanut butter cookies with a couple of melting chocolate chips on them.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've been writing for many years for the sole purpose of it being the only hobby I'm capable of being good at. With that said, may I say that it didn't take me long to realize that you are a wonderful writer. I really enjoyed reading this blog.
    1902 days ago
    What a great idea ! I never thought about adding avocado to egg salad. What a country ! Although, when I was in Italy, I had a sandwich (pannini) that was egg salad layered with marinated artichoke hearts. MAN that was yummy ! I do love a good egg salad sandwich.

    You know, when I took statistics (a million years ago), I used a great supplemental book called How to Lie with Statistics. Fantastic book that really does make statistics fun ! check your school library. they have to have it.

    And I know it's tough to be 30 and back home with the parents. It's happening to a lot of people. It's not you. It's the economy. Don't think of this as a step back. Think of this time back home as a stepping stone to something better !!

    Yum, two of my other favorite things... peanut butter cookies and chocolate !
    1902 days ago
    I am so glad you got into your class!!! I am excited for you even though it doesn't sounds like the most exciting class in the world. emoticon It sounds like you are headed in the right direction and staying focused even under less than ideal circumstances sometimes. emoticon
    1904 days ago
    "Fake it till you make it" is a good plan! It sounds like things are starting to turn around and definitely enjoy the outside workouts while you have the chance!!
    1904 days ago
    Jill- so glad you got into that statistics class! You're getting it out of the way and it won't be hanging over your head once your done. Yay! I hope being back home stops feeling like such a heavy weight for you soon. :( Keep your chin up and keep that food blog going strong...I need a kitchen guru to follow, I don't have food network anymore! ;)
    1905 days ago
    Cookies look divine! I took photoshop quite a few years ago and unfortunately, since I didn't use it often, I lost most of what I learned. Not to mention, that I now have a Mac and the software probably wouldn't reload! Smile, smile, smile. Let everyone wonder what you are up to! Going to dash and check out the other blog and the pics. Take care!
    1905 days ago
    I'm right there with you on the whole trying to be more positive thing. We will cheer each other along, eh? YAY for photoshop! And a more subdued...yay for getting statistics out of the way.

    I love your other blog, though admit to sometimes forgetting to check it. I wish I could get into the habit of using my RSS feed.

    1905 days ago
    I understand this so well - hating the place you're at. I've found that I have to work hard to accept the things I cannot change. At least
    for now.
    1906 days ago
    Good Morning Dear Friend!
    You are an inspiration and I am proud of you and all you have done!
    You are a great example of slow and steady and how just deciding to take on health can make such a positive change over five years!
    I keep you in my thoughts and prayers that a positive outcome will emerge from this difficult move!
    Have a great weekend and hugs to you & Meow Meow (M&M)!
    1906 days ago
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